Hex Quilt

A couple of years ago I started a knitting project called the Beekeepers Quilt. Well, I’m still working on that one. But I started a new one…

I discovered a fabric version of a the hex quilt that I started in April. It’s a great little project done by hand.

Yes…..by hand

I started this quilt for pretty much the same reasons as the knitted version.

  • It’s small and reasonably transportable. I can work on it in the car, around the campfire or on my couch.
  • Investment while adding up over time is minimal as I only buy a few fat quarters at a time and some of them were given to me.
  • Many wonderful memories will be wrapped up in it as I work on it and some from the fabrics I have selected or been given.
  • I like the randomness of each printed hex placement but the uniformity of the pieces themselves.

So far I have about four large hex’s made up of about 37 smaller hex’s each. I started with several fat quarters in blues, greens, greys and some black and add to my stash one (or several) fat quarter(s) at a time. 

Since this quilt is going to be for one of our buses (a 1978 bay window tentatively named Desdemona – seen below) there are small nods to B and I in it.

I have a cat and dog print, some paisley, polka dots and plaid. I also purchased some very special fabric.

Alas it features split window buses and ours is a bay window but the colors are right (I’m only using the dark grey buses) with blue background.

I have 44 different prints in the stack below. There are a few hex’s in the quilt from a friend so I only have one or two of those. 

I also took the scarfs my dog comes home from the vet in and cut out hex’s from those. Another layer of meaning there.

Some of my favorites fabrics below.

Once it’s the size I want it to be (something I can wrap up in) I will back it with flannel so it will be more like a blanket than a traditional quilt. I have not decided yet if I will hand stitch a quilting pattern or send it to someone with a long arm quilting machine.



The word Cuba conjures images of American cars and quaint homes, both colorful and well, old. The 1950’s called…..

When we heard a few years ago that Cuba was being opened up for Americans both B and I were really interested in seeing the island before it changes drastically. 

In a few short weeks B and I are traveling to Cuba by way of a cruise ship. We are bookending our trip visiting friends in Tampa. We will use a rental car to drive to and from Miami where our cruise ship docks. It’s a short four night cruise which I am fine with. Seems like a good way to see if you like cruising to me. We get to spend one full day and a night in Havana then a day on the cruise companies private island in the Bahamas.

There are 13 Geocaches in the city. B and I have mapped out the ones we think we will have time to get + yay another country souvenir! Then we sail to NCL’a private island in the Bahamas.

We hope to visit a few places such as the Camera Obscura, Burns Vista Social Club & La Bodeguita del Media bar (a Hemingway haunt),  while in Tampa we plan to visit the Tiffany Museum & the Salvador Dali Museum.

Don’t worry, I will post a follow up when we get back!

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – May The Force Be With You

B and I went camping this past weekend in the Bremerton area. There is a cacher over there that does some amazingly over the top cool caches. I believe I have featured him before and will have to link to those later.

Because we were going to be in that area we specifically wanted to knock off some caches in his reperatoir. 

B had found this particular cache already when he was working but knew I would enjoy it. 

May The Force Be With You: difficulty 2, terrain 1, size large,  hidden 10/15/10, we found 5/21/17, favorites 262.

Official description of the cache: Many thanks to The local business for allowing this cache to stay at their property!

The property owners have happily approved the cache placement on the outside of the building but ask that cachers only hunt for the cache during daylight hours. This cache may now be done any day of the week. So feel free to find this guy any day you choose! Please adhere to these requests. Thank you.

Now on the cache!
This an easy cache to find. It is out in the open so no need to crawl, climb, swim, hike, walk on or move plants, run, just plain fun. Just stay on the grass.
There is only one small problem tho in that after you find the cache then you will need a bit more info to get it open and the only person who knows the secret is ole Darth himself so you will need to ask his help in getting the container open. He lives close by so you should have no problem with finding him. Just remember that he is only on duty during the above posted times.
No special tools needed for this cache, just your fingers (or a long nose) to open the container.
Kids will enjoy this one but please keep a watch on them. May be sharp objects around the area and near the container opening.
Do not post any pictures of the cache container or surrounding areas. Have fun!
So after reading the lengthy description I walked around the corner of the building to be greeted by Darry himself.

It was quickly apparent I would need to press his nose to discover the code to open the cache.

By holding the button down it activated whatever mechanism was in place to move a small ball in to this tube. Jackpot! Just like the lottery I had the winning numbers.

I proceeded over to a tree where there was a large padlocked container. 

I entered the combo (no that is not the correct combo) and opened the cache. It was a bit damp and large enough for me to leave a trackable. 

This is one of his easier, less evil hides. If you have ever been to the annual Block Party event (sorry last one was summer of 2015) then you likely have experienced a cache by this mastermind.

Geocaching: Awesome Geocache Hides – Peek A Boo

This little cache actually should be fairly easy but in the dark the difficulty level goes up. Certain times of the year (blackberry season) this one gets a little prickly.

Peek A Boo: difficulty 1.5, terrain 2.5, size medium, hidden 5/7/17, we found 5/16/17, favorites 1 (me).

Official Description of the Cache: My granddaughter and I have so much fun geocaching together that we wanted to add another chache close to her home. We recently had a do not find, so she told me, “Don’t hide it too hard so that kids can get some swag.” We hope you enjoy this cache.

Last night B and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. After the movie let out we opened up the ole Geocaching app and headed to the back of the theater. A few years ago there was a pretty easy cache hidden behind this same theater. It’s been replaced with this one. 

Heading down an embankment with our trusty headlamps we picked our way along the soggy ground. On our left a chain link fence and not too far away the freeway. On our right, a little body of water/drainage area. We got to 20 feet from ground zero and looked around. We were pretty sure it was on the other side of the water. B crossed over and looked around but came up with nada.

We decided to go back the way we came and try the other side of which on our right was a tall cement wall with the back of the theater above us and the water was now on our left.

Notice all of the greenery? Not too long from now this will be a thicket of blackberries. 

B had the right idea earlier when he had crossed over. Just the wrong space.

He had searched another hole in the cement similar to this one. 

This time he came up with the find. In the dark this tape wrapped water bottle was seriously hard to see!

We quickly signed the log and headed back to the car to acpide getting too wet as it had started to rain – again.

Geocaching: Awesome Geocache Hides – Rock Wall

This one was also found on the island while visiting B’s mother for Mother’s Day.

Rock Wall: difficulty 4, terrain 1.5, size medium, hidden 6/4/16, we found 5/13/17, favorites 16.

Official description of the cache: Accessible from 270th St N.W. Do not attempt from highway. Did you ever have a pet rock? Do you still have it or did it end up here? Good luck. Parking right near the cache under the bridge. Please don’t damage the fencing material. Please don’t put anything in your log that will help the next cacher. 😱

How many of you just love a rock wall cache? Generally speaking B and I are not huge fans. But because this one had some favorites we decided to look for it.

We searched for quite a while and a local slowed his car as we were staring at this huge rock wall.

We were pretty certain that what we were looking for was not actually in the stacked rock wall but on the ground near it.

Took a while but B finally came up with the find. Can you see it just sitting there in plain site?

Do you see it now?

The pill bottle rests in this pipe in the ground.

The pill bottle is glued really well to the bottom of this rock. We almost gave up on this one as our GOS was bouncing around. There were a lot of rocks to turn over!

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides- Geo Sticks

This cache B and I found yesterday after visiting his mother for Mother’s Day. His mother lives on an island and we had never explored the southernmost end. We had time and decided to do that. All of the caches were pretty easy (we are saving the 4.5/4.5 for another time. 

Never seen a snail in the wild before.

While out and about today we were able to peer down on to an Eagles nest.

The cache we are saving for later was down the hill from this.

Geo Sticks: difficulty 2.5, terrain 1.5 size medium, hidden 1/14/15, we found 5/13/17, favorites 23.

Official description of the cache: The ammo box will not be hard to find BUT you must find the official log and sign it for credit. Please access through the Grange and do not park on the road. Feeling lucky?

So we parked at a grange and set off through a partially mowed field. The coords were very accurate and we found the hide easily.

The largest Geo Sticks we have ever seen! A Geo stick is usually a pile of branches made to hide a cache. We easily found the ammo can tucked underneath.

Once we opened up the ammo can we knew we had a clever prankster on our hands. We have seen caches like this before. I immediately thought of Constellation.

The ammo can was filled with pill bottles. Since we had seen caches like this before we ignored them. A newer cacher may start opening bottles to find the log. We did open a few, there were little items or pieces of paper that said not the log. We knew the pill bottles were a red herring and thought maybe the official log was one of the nearby stumps and all of the other stuff was obvious bait.

No dice. 

Then we decided to pull all the pill bottles out of the ammo can. 

We found a false bottom which was the log. 

This was a fun one of which I would love to emulate. We had found a similar one when we were newer to Geocaching. We were down in Oregon getting the Original plaque and found a large plastic container wrapped in electrical tape full of pill bottles. 

We opened each pill bottle.

Then we found a “pocket” made of electrical tape at the bottom with the log in it.

B and I are working on a couple caches. They are both mystery caches (ones you have to solve a puzzle to get the cache coordinates). I will start featuring our favorite mysteries here soon!

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides: Loading Dock

OK so travel bug hotels are hit and miss in popularity. Honestly the ones that are locked or protected in some way stand a better chance of travel bugs moving on and serving their purpose.

This travel bug hotel is pretty near where I live and – AMAZING! The effort that went in to this is pretty excellent. 

Loading Dock: difficulty 1, terrain 1.5, size large, hidden 1/27/17, we found 4/1/17, favorites 66.

Official Geocache description: Welcome to the Bounce, Bounce 520 Bellevue Travel Bug hotel. We pride our hotels in providing a safe secure stay for all travelers staying at Each location. Bounce, Bounce hotels, a step above all other Travel Bug hotels, strive to provide a unique caching experience and great enjoyment for the whole family. Our goal is to have a 100% satisfaction/favorite rating from all our visitors. We welcome any feedback you have For future property improvements.

To unlock the hotel, the code will be in order RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW. Feel free to play with the buttons and knobs but PLEASE make sure all the lights are on when you lock up the container. Please feel free to contact me @ xxx-xxx-xxxx if you need any assistance.

Please take photos/selfies in front of the cache and post to the cache page and tag us #bouncebounce8

This hide is near a Tesla dealership and resides in a loading dock. The sign below led us to beleive we were in the right place…..

I suspect the CO works here because there is power to the box.

The code to open the box is in the description.

Once it’s opened there were plenty of trackables to log and trade. There is also a manual which is the logbook.

I love the creativity and time that went in to this Geocache! As always, if you want the GC code you can email me.