Day 4

So I have made it to day 4. Tuesday was a rest day and I watched a video about stretching and gait. Yesterday was a workout which I did about the same as day 1. Jumping Jacks – OMG with my bum knee I just cannot do them. The lateral move is just too much. So instead I repeated another move to keep my heartrate up.

This plan I am doing involves doing 7 to 8 moves for a total of a minute each. It’s not as easy as it sounds – burpees ugh! It’s recommended to do each group of 7 to 8 moves at least twice and if possible three times. I am proud I am getting through them once. I am doing the beginner series. Better than a poke in the eye or sitting eating truffles while binge watching Grace & Frankie [love that show!].

I tend to be a perfectionist and the MINUTE I stray “from plan” I get upset and want to start over. Or, if I have not prepared myself or read all of the materials I tell myself I will do it and then start “next week”. Not this time. I am sticking it out. I started the workout plan but whatever food was in my house was there and I ate it. In general I don’t eat terribly but I know I will get some great info when I take the time to sit down and read the eating plan portion. Green smoothies as a snack. That will be interesting. If I make a mistake or can’t do something I just move on and hope that I am better the next time I do this particular exercise.

Improvement is key – not perfection.

The cool things is that I get to do this 90 day plan as many times as I like. I purchased it and its mine forever. I plan on doing it back to back and it will be interesting to see how well I do the second time around.

I was tired tonight and didn’t do the yoga I was supposed to do but napped instead. I will likely do some stretching later before going to bed.

Sometimes the below is how I feel……




A Fool’s Errand

B and I have been Geocaching for about four years now. A few years ago we completed the Washington State Parks challenge. If you are in to Geocaching at all then you may know about challenges. Ways to keep up your momentum and well, challenge yourself.

A few weeks ago our friend Dug, B and I were going to go green sign [sign the physical log but not log the cache as a find until you complete the requirements] for the Geo Art below, a set of 26 challenges where you need to find 26 caches for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet. The posted coordinates create the Geo Art but the real coordinates are a power trail here in WA near Lake Cavanaugh.


When we were discussing this endeavor our friend Dug suggested we go a little further east and do a power trail as well and go for another challenge. Enter the Fool’s Errand Challenge. This challenge is to get 150 physical caches in a 30 day period + a special additional cache depending on the month. For the month of February the assignment is a cache that has the attribute “not available in winter”.

To qualify you must announce your foolish intentions by writing a note on the challenge page and then create a list with your starting numbers & date. You also need to include in your list the challenge cache, your starting cache and any caches that do not qualify [virtuals, events, etc.] in your list.

The day started perfectly fine. Cold but nothing falling from the sky. We loaded up my Crosstrek and headed north. A few traditionals along the way and then the turn off for Lake Cavanaugh. Right as we started in on the first cache it started to sprinkle.


The way the coordinates are laid you start with Z and follow a winding road to obtain all 26. The photo above is B picking up the first cache. It was my job to drive, B would navigate and then either one of them [or both] would jump out and nab the cache. We signed all of the logs with our group caching acronym PFFT.

Snow Start

We had only grabbed a few of the letters when it started to snow. B in the blue jacket and Dug in the yellow jacket looking for a letter early in the series.

For the most part the caches were pretty easy to find – even in the snow. A few they had to dig for and took a tad bit of time. When we got to K we encountered a muggle walking down the road. This one was taking a bit to find so we moved along and decided we would get it on the way back.

Snowy Caching.jpg

In total it took us just over 2 hours to obtain 25 caches. I would say it was a total of 2 miles in driving. We turned around and headed back to our nemesis, the letter K.

Th Letter K

K was just after [or before depending on which direction you are heading] a switchback so I parked on a level spot and B & Dug headed down to find it. Just beyond the second curve in the photo above was where it was hidden. It took them a bit of time as the coordinates were off but they were successful.

Skookum Brewing.jpg

Originally we were planning on going further east to Darrington and work on a power trail. Due to the weather we decided to reconnoiter at Skookum Brewing for a quick pint and consideration of our next target for the day. We were also able to pick up the cache we needed for our attribute [not available in winter] as well.

The decision was made to travel north to Ferndale and get another Geo Art of 25 caches and try to attempt 50 non traditional caches in a day [if you are keeping track that is 51 – however we didn’t all qualify for all 26 of the letter geo art – read on]. 

Just to be safe we checked weather for Bellingham/Ferndale and felt perfectly fine venturing up. I had met the CO [cache owner] who is one of the creators of our next challenge – X-Men. We had already solved all of the puzzles in anticipation of collecting these very soon and had them stored in our phones [BTW – even if you don’t live in the area – these are really well done puzzles to solve and all of them have a checker – message me if you would like one of the GC codes]. Because we ain’t quite right, it is called the Fool’s Errand after all, we directed the car further north.


The CO did message me back that she typically takes about two hours to check that route so that was a good benchmark for how long it could take us. We took longer at the brewery than planned and didn’t get to the first cache until 4:25.

Beginning of X-men

As you can see from the photo above it was a balmy 23° out when we started. Dug read that with wind chill it was actually 1°! We finished the route in just over three hours.


Dug and B can attest to the fact that it was REALLY COLD! We hightailed it to a favorite watering hole, Kulshan Brewing for a celebratory beverage. I was really looking forward to the food truck they have there on Sunday nights called Sage Against the Machine [sorry no web page]. I am not vegan but the food at this truck is AMAZING! Bummer though as due to the weather they were not at the brewery that night.


We really needed to eat and there were not a lot of places open that late in Bellingham. It’s a college town so I expected to be able to find something. Our next thought was Aslan Brewing and we were in luck, they were still open and serving food. I had a coconut curry bowl with chicken. Yum!

As I mentioned before, we did attain 51 caches but for me in the A-Z challenge I only qualified for 21 + the 25 for X-Men and that brings you to 46 [B & Dug were at 47 each]. Hmmm four shy of 50 non-tradtionals in a day. What to do? What any normal cacher on a mission. We found more! Incidentally, the 21st cache I qualified for in the A-Z challenge was X. I already had one cache and the 25 from X-Men clinched it for me. Another cache I had green signed that morning was the Color of Cache challenge which required you to have found ten caches with colors in the name. I suspected I was OK on that one but did not know for certain until the next day. We grabbed enough that if I was short I would still be OK with the 50 traditionals in a day challenge.

The original plan was to head to Darrington the next weekend and do a power trail and complete our Fool’s Errand in a week.



Snowpocalyps2019 happened! The next day I was snowed in and couldn’t get out of my neighborhood even in my 4WD. I worked from home for two days and it took over a week for the roads to be OK. Needless to say we were not going to head out to the boonies and do a power trail the following weekend.

As of this writing I am down to 34 caches and I have 11 days left. B is down to 38 caches and has 12 days left. We plan to be completed by Sunday February 24 if at all possible.


Day 1

Day 1:

OK, it only took 49 days in to the new year to get started. Better late than never I say. I weighed myself this morning – ug! I also took photos of myself which I will do on the 18th of every month for at least the year. I am hopeful I will see changes. Not gonna post them here – maybe down the road. Still need to take measurements.

I purchased a 90 day challenge plan and did the first workout tonight – well kind of. I couldn’t make it through the entire thing. This has never been a problem for me in the past so that is a thing to wrap my head around. Grr! Felt a little deflated after that and VERY winded but that’s OK, it can only get better from here.

Didn’t get my act together as far as the grocery store and woke up late so grabbed SBUX for brekkers. At least I brought my lunch which was a W30 meal I really like that I make often.


Soul Happy


Yummy Meals – Tuscan Chicken

A few months back I did the Whole 30 for the second time. A friend turned me on to a blog called 40 Aprons. OMG! I have made a bunch of her recipes now and considering a lot are based on a W30 you DO NOT feel like you are “on a diet” when you are eating her recipes. B is out and about today with some Geocaching lackeys [they work at Geocaching HQ] and I stayed home to get some things done. Tonight I made Creamy Tuscan Chicken. It was so good! I have found many recipes on her blog that are satisfying and flavorful and don’t make me think that I am “eating healthy”. Bonus, B loves them as much as I do. Go check out her blog and make one of her recipes. I dare you!

Well Hello There!

It’s been quite a while since my last post (over a year). Not necessarily sure why I stopped but I can tell you my life has been full of adventures in that time!

B and I are going on six years together (2/16/19) and we are still camping monthly in the bus. Beej has gotten a little grayer (he will be 14 on 7/28/19) but still loves it!

***Edit – not all uploaded yesterday. Please continue reading below.

Sadly we lost our outdoor kitty this past summer but still have out three indoor cats. We have gone from 9 to 5 chickens, all naturally. They just finished molting and are looking really good! No eggs right now [first time I have had to buy eggs in the store in over two years] but as the days get longer we will see eggs in the coop again.

We went to Cuba in August 17 and New Orleans this past November to celebrate B’s 50th birthday. Recaps to come soon.

O have some knitting, quilting, sewing, house and yard projects earmarked for this year. Both B and I started new jobs. I started working for a pop culture toy company March of 17 and B started working for a marine heater company September 17.

I bought myself for my birthday last summer a 2019 Crosstrek and am loving it! It’s great for Geocaching adventures and makes my new shorter commute even that much better!

I will continue to post about travel, Geocaching, gardening, crafts & camping in the new year I also have a significant weight loss goal for 2019. I plan to use this blog as a daily journal for that. So, if you see a post labeled “Day X” this will be a quick note on daily goals/accomplishments or meeting a significant milestone.

I am not going to post my starting weight or measurements but I will be tracking that. One of the better indicators I feel for weight loss are things like how much easier it is to walk my dog or how loose my clothing feels. In 365 days I may not be at my “goal weight” but I would like to see a significant difference in how much space I take up in the world!

This is NOT a weight loss blog, just part of the goals I have for myself in the new year. If you are not interested in the daily WL posts no worries I am not offended. If you feel like dropping a note of encouragement I welcome it on this journey!

Here’s to success in 2019!

Hex Quilt

A couple of years ago I started a knitting project called the Beekeepers Quilt. Well, I’m still working on that one. But I started a new one…

I discovered a fabric version of a the hex quilt that I started in April. It’s a great little project done by hand.

Yes… hand

I started this quilt for pretty much the same reasons as the knitted version.

  • It’s small and reasonably transportable. I can work on it in the car, around the campfire or on my couch.
  • Investment while adding up over time is minimal as I only buy a few fat quarters at a time and some of them were given to me.
  • Many wonderful memories will be wrapped up in it as I work on it and some from the fabrics I have selected or been given.
  • I like the randomness of each printed hex placement but the uniformity of the pieces themselves.

So far I have about four large hex’s made up of about 37 smaller hex’s each. I started with several fat quarters in blues, greens, greys and some black and add to my stash one (or several) fat quarter(s) at a time. 

Since this quilt is going to be for one of our buses (a 1978 bay window tentatively named Desdemona – seen below) there are small nods to B and I in it.

I have a cat and dog print, some paisley, polka dots and plaid. I also purchased some very special fabric.

Alas it features split window buses and ours is a bay window but the colors are right (I’m only using the dark grey buses) with blue background.

I have 44 different prints in the stack below. There are a few hex’s in the quilt from a friend so I only have one or two of those. 

I also took the scarfs my dog comes home from the vet in and cut out hex’s from those. Another layer of meaning there.

Some of my favorites fabrics below.

Once it’s the size I want it to be (something I can wrap up in) I will back it with flannel so it will be more like a blanket than a traditional quilt. I have not decided yet if I will hand stitch a quilting pattern or send it to someone with a long arm quilting machine.


The word Cuba conjures images of American cars and quaint homes, both colorful and well, old. The 1950’s called…..

When we heard a few years ago that Cuba was being opened up for Americans both B and I were really interested in seeing the island before it changes drastically. 

In a few short weeks B and I are traveling to Cuba by way of a cruise ship. We are bookending our trip visiting friends in Tampa. We will use a rental car to drive to and from Miami where our cruise ship docks. It’s a short four night cruise which I am fine with. Seems like a good way to see if you like cruising to me. We get to spend one full day and a night in Havana then a day on the cruise companies private island in the Bahamas.

There are 13 Geocaches in the city. B and I have mapped out the ones we think we will have time to get + yay another country souvenir! Then we sail to NCL’a private island in the Bahamas.

We hope to visit a few places such as the Camera Obscura, Burns Vista Social Club & La Bodeguita del Media bar (a Hemingway haunt),  while in Tampa we plan to visit the Tiffany Museum & the Salvador Dali Museum.

Don’t worry, I will post a follow up when we get back!