Blue Hair Eye

This is the ongoing chronicle of a 40 something gal embracing her authentic self.

I knit and camp in a 1982 VW Vannagon with the BF. I have a spoiled min-pin/terrier/chihuahua mix from Puerto Rico and the BF has 4 cats. Will be adding chickens again soon.

I love steampunk, 007, vintage, repurposing, Geocaching and a great dirty martini. I have a passion for great coffee and craft beer. Red wine and chocolate are excellent together! I love to travel and plan to get my passport stamped many times in the coming years.

I don’t understand emo or the fascination with video games. I’m not a morning person. I detest peas. I wish I had more money for yarn & fabric.

Some quirky things about me. I costumed an independent Zombie film summer 2007 and produced an independent short film summer 2011. I am writing a screenplay. I have exactly two hours flight time for a small single engine aircraft. I have three tattoos, my nose is pierced & currently I have blue streaks in my hair. I dream of someday living in London or Rome. I share a birthday with Jackie O.

I wanted to take over the world but got distracted by something paisley.

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