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The word Cuba conjures images of American cars and quaint homes, both colorful and well, old. The 1950’s called…..

When we heard a few years ago that Cuba was being opened up for Americans both B and I were really interested in seeing the island before it changes drastically. 

In a few short weeks B and I are traveling to Cuba by way of a cruise ship. We are bookending our trip visiting friends in Tampa. We will use a rental car to drive to and from Miami where our cruise ship docks. It’s a short four night cruise which I am fine with. Seems like a good way to see if you like cruising to me. We get to spend one full day and a night in Havana then a day on the cruise companies private island in the Bahamas.

There are 13 Geocaches in the city. B and I have mapped out the ones we think we will have time to get + yay another country souvenir! Then we sail to NCL’a private island in the Bahamas.

We hope to visit a few places such as the Camera Obscura, Burns Vista Social Club & La Bodeguita del Media bar (a Hemingway haunt),  while in Tampa we plan to visit the Tiffany Museum & the Salvador Dali Museum.

Don’t worry, I will post a follow up when we get back!

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides: Loading Dock

OK so travel bug hotels are hit and miss in popularity. Honestly the ones that are locked or protected in some way stand a better chance of travel bugs moving on and serving their purpose.

This travel bug hotel is pretty near where I live and – AMAZING! The effort that went in to this is pretty excellent. 

Loading Dock: difficulty 1, terrain 1.5, size large, hidden 1/27/17, we found 4/1/17, favorites 66.

Official Geocache description: Welcome to the Bounce, Bounce 520 Bellevue Travel Bug hotel. We pride our hotels in providing a safe secure stay for all travelers staying at Each location. Bounce, Bounce hotels, a step above all other Travel Bug hotels, strive to provide a unique caching experience and great enjoyment for the whole family. Our goal is to have a 100% satisfaction/favorite rating from all our visitors. We welcome any feedback you have For future property improvements.

To unlock the hotel, the code will be in order RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW. Feel free to play with the buttons and knobs but PLEASE make sure all the lights are on when you lock up the container. Please feel free to contact me @ xxx-xxx-xxxx if you need any assistance.

Please take photos/selfies in front of the cache and post to the cache page and tag us #bouncebounce8

This hide is near a Tesla dealership and resides in a loading dock. The sign below led us to beleive we were in the right place…..

I suspect the CO works here because there is power to the box.

The code to open the box is in the description.

Once it’s opened there were plenty of trackables to log and trade. There is also a manual which is the logbook.

I love the creativity and time that went in to this Geocache! As always, if you want the GC code you can email me.

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Get Out of my House!

I meant to post this one yesterday.  This one, believe it or not is just near a park and ride on Whidbey Island. The terrain is actually pretty steep. 

The name I assigned to this one is a reference to an 80’s film Adventures in Babysitting. there is a scene towards the beginning of the film where Penelope Anne Miller is making a phone call in a phone booth (what’s that?) and a homeless man is telling her to get out of her house. It’s hilarious and now I need to watch it again.

Get Out of my House!: difficulty 1, terrain 2.5, size small, hidden 4/19/15, we found 4/16/17, favorites 28.

Official Geocache description: A convenient place to park and ride. Or, a convenient place to stretch your legs and look for a cache. The area has a bit of a view of the valley. An ideal place for a condo with a view.

Our GPS was bouncing around a lot but eventually we found the “trailhead”. We wandered around using our GPS and evidence of people who had been there before us. Just an old stump…….with a door.

I gave this one a favorite for the effort it went in to creating this little “condo”.  Which led us to this cute little space.

Isn’t the little squirrel just so cute?

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Pillings Pond

So, I’m gonna make an exception just this once and give you the real Geocache name. This one is a gem, not necissarily for the hide but what it brings you to. 

Pillings Pond: difficulty 1, terrain 1, size small, hidden 5/6/10, I found 4/24/17,  favorites 62.

Official Geocache description: This cache is placed next to a small neighborhood treasure – Pilling’s Pond. The pond was created over the years by Charles A Pilling (1911-2001), who at the age of twelve started digging a small pond in the backyard of his home to care for three injured mallard ducks. His passion for waterfowl grew – and so did the size of the pond. Today the pond is a sanctuary for numerous rare waterfowl. Also, the southwest corner has a big bird cage with an exotic-looking bird. We actually met “Dave” (who takes care of the place now) as we were working on the hide, and he said it is a Golden Pheasant. Based on some cachers’ logs it seems like Dave is aware of the cache, which is on public property.

The home next to the pond was built by a member of the Denny family, one of Seattle’s founding fathers. Charles Pilling dug a small pond to care for three ailing ducks. You can read the rest of the story by clicking on the name of the cache for more information.

The house is actually to the left in the photo below.

Lots of ducks in residence. Love that willow tree!

A nesting box.

I really enjoy it when a Geocache brings me to a hidden gem like this!

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Sit For A Spell

Two blog post about Geocaching in two days? Why not? Today if you find a Geocache you get a souvenir called “Big Blue Switchto celebrate the 17 year anniversary of satellite availability to the masses.

One of my favorite types of hides involve the little free lending libraries. I am a huge reader and appreciate the effort the owners go to in order to place them. Even more so when a Geocache is involved.

Sit for a Spell: difficulty 1.5, terrain, 1.5, size small.  Hidden 7/15/15. We found 5/1/17. Favorites: 11

Official description of the cache:

book·worm (bo͝ok′wûrm′) n.
1. One who spends much time reading or studying.

2. Any of various insects, especially booklice and silverfish, that infest books and feed on the paste in the bindings. 

You are welcome to visit the library, but you do not need to access the inside for your geocaching purposes. Rest and relax here while you sign the log. Please bring your own pen. I’m looking for the next great book to read. What is your favorite book? I recently read “A Single Shard” by Linda Sue Park. What do you think about VOYAGE? I have received permission from the property owner to place a cache at this location with the understanding that no cachers will be showing up after dark or late in the evening (sorry, not a night cache). Give yourself a bonus point if you figure out how we decided on the name for this cache.

B and I were headed to meet friends for dinner and had a couple caches on our list to hit, we found this one. 

Even though you didn’t need to open the library to find the cache, I of course had to investigate if there was anything worthwhile to read inside. Couple good books I had already read and a cookbook I had my eye on for a while so I took that (I love reading cookbooks!). 

Of course the draw is the library and B and I didn’t even notice the line chair sitting near it…….at first. 

But look what we found underneath it!

The log was in a wooden book placed under the adirondack chair. So clever! Definitely gave it a favorite point!

Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Water Stopper

I have not posted in a while for this series and thought I would start again. It’s inspirational how clever people can be. The cache name, the container, the location they choose makes Geocaching even more fun. I am calling the hides by different names other than the ones they have officially been called on the Geocaching website to protect the caches. GZ refers to Ground Zero, CO refers to Cache Owner, DNF refers to Did Not Find & Smiley refers to successful find.

A few weeks ago B and I were camping over on Whidbey Island. After leaving the campground Sunday we had the day free to do whatever we wanted, a rarity for us. We stopped by a lovely little church off the highway to grab this clever hide. Sorry I forgot to get a photo of the cute little church.

Water Stopper: difficulty 2.5, terrain, 1.5, size ?. Hidden 11/18/14. We found 4/16/17. Favorites: 40

Official description of the cache: The cache is located on church property with their permission. It’s a cute little traditional style white country church. Complete with a steeple and a bell. I bet you’ve glanced at it plenty of times as you’ve driven by on the highway. Easiest to access while heading west on highway 101 though you can also come by from either end of Old Gardiner Road. There’s plenty of parking available. You may want to check the church schedule (available online) to avoid high muggle times. No tools necessary to retrieve the cache. But, DadwithTools warns you to be careful as you search. It could be tricky! 

Now B and I have been doing this a while and spotting the trickier ones is a lot easier for us. The coordinates were spot on and we were able to park right next to the cache. We hopped out of the bus and found –  a water pump.

At first we thought it might be in a fake rock at the base but the difficulty level led us to believe otherwise. We didn’t even bother turning the rocks over. Being naturally inquisitive we pulled up on the handle.

Can you see the little red bison nestled inside? We quickly signed the log and went about finding our next Geocache for the day. More of these posts to come!

Geocaching: The Final One

B and I took a couple extra days off over the Memorial Day weekend. Monday we headed up to Mt. Pilchuck state park to obtain our final state park cache.

The drive to the trailhead was up a potholed road about seven miles. Our hike lasted about five hours and was an elevation gain of 1200 feet over the course of about two miles. 

The beginning of the hike was through rich forested woods where we found a few caches we had preloaded on our phones as there was no reception.

At one point on the trail we had to wait for about 50 people to manouver around a fallen tree before we could continue.

Lots of people on the trail

Beej did great for the entire trek! He’s usually pretty prissy when it comes to mud and puddles which I appreciate when we are camping. After a while those things were no big deal.

Shortly after this tree the Forrest thinned and we found ourselves in a boulder field.

This field lasted for about a half mile​. Soon we hit snow. Yes it was warm enough for a tank top!

Not a lot but enough. At one point I put my foot down and bam! It was through the snow. I was pretty exhausted and I scraped my leg. I was so done.

I was lucky, no sprains or breaks or even bruising. My leg is red from cold in the photo above as I had just fallen in the snow. B had me sit and wait for him with Beej. We were still about 2/10 from the cache so he soldiered on. It didn’t take him long and upon his return we prepared for the hike down.

I was really tired and fell two more times before we got back to the trailhead. I was also slightly dehydrated and when we got to our campsite I promptly napped for a couple hours!

The next day we did some caching along the Mountain Loop Highway and ate lunch at Mirkwood & Shire in Arlington before heading home.

103 state parks found!
Guess what showed up today? My gold coin!

Feel free to discover it!

Happy caching!