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Day 4

So I have made it to day 4. Tuesday was a rest day and I watched a video about stretching and gait. Yesterday was a workout which I did about the same as day 1. Jumping Jacks – OMG with my bum knee I just cannot do them. The lateral move is just too much. So instead I repeated another move to keep my heartrate up.

This plan I am doing involves doing 7 to 8 moves for a total of a minute each. It’s not as easy as it sounds – burpees ugh! It’s recommended to do each group of 7 to 8 moves at least twice and if possible three times. I am proud I am getting through them once. I am doing the beginner series. Better than a poke in the eye or sitting eating truffles while binge watching Grace & Frankie [love that show!].

I tend to be a perfectionist and the MINUTE I stray “from plan” I get upset and want to start over. Or, if I have not prepared myself or read all of the materials I tell myself I will do it and then start “next week”. Not this time. I am sticking it out. I started the workout plan but whatever food was in my house was there and I ate it. In general I don’t eat terribly but I know I will get some great info when I take the time to sit down and read the eating plan portion. Green smoothies as a snack. That will be interesting. If I make a mistake or can’t do something I just move on and hope that I am better the next time I do this particular exercise.

Improvement is key – not perfection.

The cool things is that I get to do this 90 day plan as many times as I like. I purchased it and its mine forever. I plan on doing it back to back and it will be interesting to see how well I do the second time around.

I was tired tonight and didn’t do the yoga I was supposed to do but napped instead. I will likely do some stretching later before going to bed.

Sometimes the below is how I feel……



Day 1

Day 1:

OK, it only took 49 days in to the new year to get started. Better late than never I say. I weighed myself this morning – ug! I also took photos of myself which I will do on the 18th of every month for at least the year. I am hopeful I will see changes. Not gonna post them here – maybe down the road. Still need to take measurements.

I purchased a 90 day challenge plan and did the first workout tonight – well kind of. I couldn’t make it through the entire thing. This has never been a problem for me in the past so that is a thing to wrap my head around. Grr! Felt a little deflated after that and VERY winded but that’s OK, it can only get better from here.

Didn’t get my act together as far as the grocery store and woke up late so grabbed SBUX for brekkers. At least I brought my lunch which was a W30 meal I really like that I make often.


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