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Everything will be fine. You’ll see!

Howdie friends! It’s day 1 of my four day Memorial Weekend. Hoping to get out in the yard as well as spend some time reading, kayaking, Geocaching, baking and cooking. We even have plans to have not one but two social distancing happy hours with good friends. We have a HUGE front yard and the ability to set up chairs for four easily for a sip and a chat. B likes to call it driveway beers.

Anyway, Memorial weekend is the unofficial official kick-off of summer and this year it’s quite the different experience! I’ve been WFH now for 2.5 months and I gotta say, I’m digging it! Although my work station at home could use a tweak in the ergonomics.

Today I wanted to share my favorite blogs I make a point of checking in on a couple times a week. Some of these bloggers are prolific and post every day and some are just coming back to blogging but have years of backlogs to enjoy. So let’s get to it!

Slow Living

First up is Be More With Less. Courtney Carver has been blogging for over ten years and went from working at a job she didn’t love to creating her own successful business. She downsized from a large home to a small apartment, paid off her debt & decluttered her closet using the P333 method she created which I started doing at the beginning of April. She has written four books and has a podcast with her daughter called Soul + Wit which I started streaming while I have been WFH.

I just discovered Courtney’s daughter’s blog called Beautiful Detour. I have not read a ton on it yet but thought I would post the link.

I also like to read Lee at Style Bee a Canadian fashion and minimalism blogger. I love her posts on how she mixes and matches her wardrobe to come up with new ways to wear clothing while keeping a minimalist closet through mostly sustainable fashion.

There is also Caroline at Un-Fancy who has not posted in a few months [please come back]. She lives in Texas and is the creator of the 10×10 challenge [with Lee at Style Bee]. Choose 10 items and wear them for ten days mixing and matching them.

Whitney at The Tiny Canal Cottage is all things holistic. Between she and her husband they run a home business and care for their young son all from a tiny little cottage in Venice, CA. I recently discovered this blog and so far am loving the content as I try to use up my commercially purchased items and switch to more organic and sustainable ones.

I found Erin at My Green Closet a few years ago when she was living with her husband in Germany. They have since moved back to Canada and have added a wee little one to their nest as well as purchased a house.

While looking around for Potager garden inspiration I stumbled across SG Style. Shavonda Gardner moved her family from a cookie cutter builder grade home to a smaller and much more quaint cottage bungalow in Northern, CA. She is part of the One Room Challenge right now and it’s her Potager Garden that is getting the benefit.


I am definitely a foodie and both the BF and I enjoy cooking. While he likes to make recipies up in his head, I get inspiration from several different food blogs.

Tieghan over at Halfbaked Harvest posts a recipe a day. I don’t know where she get’s the energy but she has created a blog and business for herself out of her love of cooking. I have tried several of her recipes and they do not disappoint!

Shan at My Food Religion is an Aussie who has a passion for food….and a healthy gut. I love watching her Instagram videos as she often has her daughter [I think she’s six now] helping her in the kitchen. Too cute and I love that Aussie accent!

Another site I visit often is Cheryl at 40 Aprons. I found her when I was doing the Whole 30. Lots of great recipes over there!

I don’t recall how I came across Jessica’s blog How Sweet Eats but I’m so glad I did! She is a self taught cook and blogs about her food creations. She also has two cookbooks.

Several years ago camping a friend made a curried butternut squash soup and forwarded me the recipe. That is when I found Minimalist Baker. While I have not made a ton of her recipes that soup recipe is a go to for our household!


Someone I read every day is Sarah at Room for Tuesday. She and her husband are on their third home renovation. Some of my favorite rooms she has featured is her current kitchen and living room. The laundry room [specifically for the dog art], covered patio and living room from their last house.

Another favorite is Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone. Her and her husband completely gutted and renovated a townhouse in Brooklyn, New York [hence the blog name]. She’s a lover of travel and chronicles her families trips all over the world. One of her favorite holidays is Halloween. She and her husband go all out decorating their house and having a corresponding party every year. The projects and tutorials that go with her themes are amazing!

Anna at Door Sixteen bought and renovated a house in upstate New York. Then got divorced and moved to New Mexico where she learned to drive [at 40]. I love her wit and perspective on life.

Dana at House Tweaking has not posted a lot in recent months but she seems to be on a comeback! The reason I love the blog is all the work they put in to their second home, the underdog – a 60’s ranch they completely gutted while she was unexpectedly pregnant with their third child. They paid this house off and bought a second home to gut and flip [the pee house]. Then Dana decided to go back to work and they unexpectedly purchased their current home.

If you have been living under a rock you may not have heard of Young House Love. The power duo of John & Sherry Petersick. They are on their fourth home renovation and have also purchased and renovated two vacation homes [which is really three as one was a duplex]. Recently they purchased a home in Florida and moved from Richmond, VA. They literally just moved in [like a couple days ago]. They downsized and had to wait a couple months to move as the house needed some major work to make it habitable.

Cathy & Garrett at The Grit & Polish replanted themselves and “retired” in their 30’s from Seattle to Ellensberg, WA where they are originally from. They bought a big old farmhouse and are renovating it. They started out living in the outbuilding at their first house in Seattle. Renovated that house and then rented it. They have purchased, renovated and rented a total of three houses in Seattle.

So the above list are my go-to faves. They are kind of like favorite books you like to cozy up on the couch and re-read on a rainy day. If you have recommendations for other blogs please post them in your comments!

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