Love 4-24-20

Howdie there, hope you had a great week! Sorry I didn’t get this post up yesterday. B and I got out last Friday and went to the woods and did some Geocaching. It was the social distancing nature pick me up we needed. Last night we had a zoom happy hour with some friends.

Tiger Lilly

We went grocery shopping Sunday to stock up for the next week and I was given free lilies at the store. That was a nice thing and they are now sitting near my desk. Every time I walk by the room these are in I can smell them. They smell amazing and almost a week later are still going strong! This reminds me of when I used to buy myself flowers every week or so. I stopped doing it because of the indoor cats but now that I have a desk set up in a room the cats are not allowed in I can start this happy little habit again.

Tried my hand at sourdough bread last weekend. It’s good but would like it a little more sour. A friend sent this link for some extra help.

Sara is going to start a date night series on her blog. This is her first post. What do you do for date night? If you are currently not in a relationship, what are you doing to take care of you?

Interesting read about medieval blue paint.

This coffee cocktail sounds amazeballs!

This “bake-off” style flower show coming to Netflix might be interesting.

Have a great week!

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