Street Corn & Jicama Tacos with Lime Mayo

Hello and happy Thursday!

I don’t know about you but all this sheltering in place has really brought out my domestic side. We have been doing a LOT of cooking up in here! In fact, in the last five weeks we have ordered take away exactly once. That is strange for us as we generally eat out a couple times a week and boy are we missing our favorite local Italian place!

So let’s get to it. The recipe couldn’t be easier to follow. I always make a recipe exactly the first time and then tweak it. B usually tweaks everything. He’s a “from the hip” sort of cook and that is NOT a bad thing. I have enjoyed all of this experiments.

But I digress…..


[photo source]

I’m posting her photo because it is MUCH better than mine [I’m an infant at this DSLR thing].

Not exactly sure how I came across Jessica’s blog but I am SO glad I did! I had made this recipe last summer and was really craving it. This time I added chicken seasoned with pepper, salt, paprika & chipotle. We did not have fresh corn on hand so we used canned and “grilled” it on the stove. The flavor turned out pretty nice. Today for lunch B used the left over mix with fish in a quesadilla with purple cabbage.


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