Love 4-17-20

Howdie and how was your week! Today B and I had an already planned day off. We both are getting a little stir crazy so we headed out and did some Geocaching. Don’t worry, we had masks and gloves and went somewhere pretty remote. It was a good day. We also ordered take away pizza from Zeek’s. This is the first meal we have had not cooked in our kitchen in over a month. It was good!

I thought this was a brilliant way to create art. Students transform an electrical tower in to a stained glass lighthouse.

I can’t decide which is my favorite. I “think” 19 but 2 & 7 tie for a close second for Gateways to Narnia.

I love a Drive In movie theater. Sadly the closest one to us is on an island, granted its only a ferry ride away – AND – they let you camp out there. We have done so in the bus. Currently they are closed.

If you are feeling the need for interaction. You can always hug a tree.

I love to read and new books are always wanted. This bookstore in Boulder, CO is delivery by bike mystery bags of books. They also will send anywhere so I ordered a mystery bag today.

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