Roundup 4-7-19

Hello! I enjoy a few bloggers who do roundups. Usually weekly. I’m not sure that will be a weekly thing for me but today I have some fun and random stuff from around the internet to share.

First up is this recipe from How Sweet Eats on bacon carrots. Generally speaking I love cooked carrots, especially if you use a bit of fresh ginger in the cooking water. It brings out the natural sweetness. But bacon brings carrots to a whole new level!

Airbnb is giving two lucky people the chance to sleep under the stars beneath the Louvre pyramid. Included is a VIP guided after hours tour, dinner with the Venus de Milo and private acoustic concert at Napoleon III’s apartments. How would you be Mona Lisa’s perfect guest?

Whether you are in to quilting or not. This road trip in the Tualatin valley in Oregon [just south of Portland] sounds amazing. Conveniently this trip coincides with winery and cycling trails in the area. If you are looking for a cool place to stay try McMenamins Grand Lodge. I stayed there several years ago at the end of April. They are a family owned chain of brewpubs, breweries, music venues and hotels in Washington and Oregon. They are famous for purchasing old or historic buildings and rehabilitating them. Some of the properties are on the national historic register. We are lucky enough to have McMenamins Anderson school campus really close by.

This hike in Washington along the Iron Goat Trail sounds amazing. I have done another part of this trail through an old train tunnel [for a geocache].

Someone spent a lot of time coming up with how Disney Princesses with modern day careers based on their characters. My favorite Disney Princess is Merida and I love her updated career! I hope someone runs with this idea…..

In recent years van life has received an increase in interest. The BF and I camp in a converted VW van at least once a month. For those of you who don’t have the funds to purchase a vintage VW camper or the knowledge to work on one I offer you Cascade Campers [please note that this is a personal friend of mine but I believe in this product!]

For the last couple summer we have camped up at Sooke River, BC.  The near by Sooke Potholes Provincial Park has an abandoned resort.

Abandoned Resort.jpg

Have a great week!



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