Day 4

So I have made it to day 4. Tuesday was a rest day and I watched a video about stretching and gait. Yesterday was a workout which I did about the same as day 1. Jumping Jacks – OMG with my bum knee I just cannot do them. The lateral move is just too much. So instead I repeated another move to keep my heartrate up.

This plan I am doing involves doing 7 to 8 moves for a total of a minute each. It’s not as easy as it sounds – burpees ugh! It’s recommended to do each group of 7 to 8 moves at least twice and if possible three times. I am proud I am getting through them once. I am doing the beginner series. Better than a poke in the eye or sitting eating truffles while binge watching Grace & Frankie [love that show!].

I tend to be a perfectionist and the MINUTE I stray “from plan” I get upset and want to start over. Or, if I have not prepared myself or read all of the materials I tell myself I will do it and then start “next week”. Not this time. I am sticking it out. I started the workout plan but whatever food was in my house was there and I ate it. In general I don’t eat terribly but I know I will get some great info when I take the time to sit down and read the eating plan portion. Green smoothies as a snack. That will be interesting. If I make a mistake or can’t do something I just move on and hope that I am better the next time I do this particular exercise.

Improvement is key – not perfection.

The cool things is that I get to do this 90 day plan as many times as I like. I purchased it and its mine forever. I plan on doing it back to back and it will be interesting to see how well I do the second time around.

I was tired tonight and didn’t do the yoga I was supposed to do but napped instead. I will likely do some stretching later before going to bed.

Sometimes the below is how I feel……



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