Hex Quilt

A couple of years ago I started a knitting project called the Beekeepers Quilt. Well, I’m still working on that one. But I started a new one…

I discovered a fabric version of a the hex quilt that I started in April. It’s a great little project done by hand.

Yes…..by hand

I started this quilt for pretty much the same reasons as the knitted version.

  • It’s small and reasonably transportable. I can work on it in the car, around the campfire or on my couch.
  • Investment while adding up over time is minimal as I only buy a few fat quarters at a time and some of them were given to me.
  • Many wonderful memories will be wrapped up in it as I work on it and some from the fabrics I have selected or been given.
  • I like the randomness of each printed hex placement but the uniformity of the pieces themselves.

So far I have about four large hex’s made up of about 37 smaller hex’s each. I started with several fat quarters in blues, greens, greys and some black and add to my stash one (or several) fat quarter(s) at a time. 

Since this quilt is going to be for one of our buses (a 1978 bay window tentatively named Desdemona – seen below) there are small nods to B and I in it.

I have a cat and dog print, some paisley, polka dots and plaid. I also purchased some very special fabric.

Alas it features split window buses and ours is a bay window but the colors are right (I’m only using the dark grey buses) with blue background.

I have 44 different prints in the stack below. There are a few hex’s in the quilt from a friend so I only have one or two of those. 

I also took the scarfs my dog comes home from the vet in and cut out hex’s from those. Another layer of meaning there.

Some of my favorites fabrics below.

Once it’s the size I want it to be (something I can wrap up in) I will back it with flannel so it will be more like a blanket than a traditional quilt. I have not decided yet if I will hand stitch a quilting pattern or send it to someone with a long arm quilting machine.


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