Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – May The Force Be With You

B and I went camping this past weekend in the Bremerton area. There is a cacher over there that does some amazingly over the top cool caches. I believe I have featured him before and will have to link to those later.

Because we were going to be in that area we specifically wanted to knock off some caches in his reperatoir. 

B had found this particular cache already when he was working but knew I would enjoy it. 

May The Force Be With You: difficulty 2, terrain 1, size large,  hidden 10/15/10, we found 5/21/17, favorites 262.

Official description of the cache: Many thanks to The local business for allowing this cache to stay at their property!

The property owners have happily approved the cache placement on the outside of the building but ask that cachers only hunt for the cache during daylight hours. This cache may now be done any day of the week. So feel free to find this guy any day you choose! Please adhere to these requests. Thank you.

Now on the cache!
This an easy cache to find. It is out in the open so no need to crawl, climb, swim, hike, walk on or move plants, run, just plain fun. Just stay on the grass.
There is only one small problem tho in that after you find the cache then you will need a bit more info to get it open and the only person who knows the secret is ole Darth himself so you will need to ask his help in getting the container open. He lives close by so you should have no problem with finding him. Just remember that he is only on duty during the above posted times.
No special tools needed for this cache, just your fingers (or a long nose) to open the container.
Kids will enjoy this one but please keep a watch on them. May be sharp objects around the area and near the container opening.
Do not post any pictures of the cache container or surrounding areas. Have fun!
So after reading the lengthy description I walked around the corner of the building to be greeted by Darry himself.

It was quickly apparent I would need to press his nose to discover the code to open the cache.

By holding the button down it activated whatever mechanism was in place to move a small ball in to this tube. Jackpot! Just like the lottery I had the winning numbers.

I proceeded over to a tree where there was a large padlocked container. 

I entered the combo (no that is not the correct combo) and opened the cache. It was a bit damp and large enough for me to leave a trackable. 

This is one of his easier, less evil hides. If you have ever been to the annual Block Party event (sorry last one was summer of 2015) then you likely have experienced a cache by this mastermind.


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