Geocaching: Awesome Geocache Hides – Peek A Boo

This little cache actually should be fairly easy but in the dark the difficulty level goes up. Certain times of the year (blackberry season) this one gets a little prickly.

Peek A Boo: difficulty 1.5, terrain 2.5, size medium, hidden 5/7/17, we found 5/16/17, favorites 1 (me).

Official Description of the Cache: My granddaughter and I have so much fun geocaching together that we wanted to add another chache close to her home. We recently had a do not find, so she told me, “Don’t hide it too hard so that kids can get some swag.” We hope you enjoy this cache.

Last night B and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. After the movie let out we opened up the ole Geocaching app and headed to the back of the theater. A few years ago there was a pretty easy cache hidden behind this same theater. It’s been replaced with this one. 

Heading down an embankment with our trusty headlamps we picked our way along the soggy ground. On our left a chain link fence and not too far away the freeway. On our right, a little body of water/drainage area. We got to 20 feet from ground zero and looked around. We were pretty sure it was on the other side of the water. B crossed over and looked around but came up with nada.

We decided to go back the way we came and try the other side of which on our right was a tall cement wall with the back of the theater above us and the water was now on our left.

Notice all of the greenery? Not too long from now this will be a thicket of blackberries. 

B had the right idea earlier when he had crossed over. Just the wrong space.

He had searched another hole in the cement similar to this one. 

This time he came up with the find. In the dark this tape wrapped water bottle was seriously hard to see!

We quickly signed the log and headed back to the car to acpide getting too wet as it had started to rain – again.


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