Geocaching: Awesome Geocache Hides – Rock Wall

This one was also found on the island while visiting B’s mother for Mother’s Day.

Rock Wall: difficulty 4, terrain 1.5, size medium, hidden 6/4/16, we found 5/13/17, favorites 16.

Official description of the cache: Accessible from 270th St N.W. Do not attempt from highway. Did you ever have a pet rock? Do you still have it or did it end up here? Good luck. Parking right near the cache under the bridge. Please don’t damage the fencing material. Please don’t put anything in your log that will help the next cacher. 😱

How many of you just love a rock wall cache? Generally speaking B and I are not huge fans. But because this one had some favorites we decided to look for it.

We searched for quite a while and a local slowed his car as we were staring at this huge rock wall.

We were pretty certain that what we were looking for was not actually in the stacked rock wall but on the ground near it.

Took a while but B finally came up with the find. Can you see it just sitting there in plain site?

Do you see it now?

The pill bottle rests in this pipe in the ground.

The pill bottle is glued really well to the bottom of this rock. We almost gave up on this one as our GOS was bouncing around. There were a lot of rocks to turn over!


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