Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides- Geo Sticks

This cache B and I found yesterday after visiting his mother for Mother’s Day. His mother lives on an island and we had never explored the southernmost end. We had time and decided to do that. All of the caches were pretty easy (we are saving the 4.5/4.5 for another time. 

Never seen a snail in the wild before.

While out and about today we were able to peer down on to an Eagles nest.

The cache we are saving for later was down the hill from this.

Geo Sticks: difficulty 2.5, terrain 1.5 size medium, hidden 1/14/15, we found 5/13/17, favorites 23.

Official description of the cache: The ammo box will not be hard to find BUT you must find the official log and sign it for credit. Please access through the Grange and do not park on the road. Feeling lucky?

So we parked at a grange and set off through a partially mowed field. The coords were very accurate and we found the hide easily.

The largest Geo Sticks we have ever seen! A Geo stick is usually a pile of branches made to hide a cache. We easily found the ammo can tucked underneath.

Once we opened up the ammo can we knew we had a clever prankster on our hands. We have seen caches like this before. I immediately thought of Constellation.

The ammo can was filled with pill bottles. Since we had seen caches like this before we ignored them. A newer cacher may start opening bottles to find the log. We did open a few, there were little items or pieces of paper that said not the log. We knew the pill bottles were a red herring and thought maybe the official log was one of the nearby stumps and all of the other stuff was obvious bait.

No dice. 

Then we decided to pull all the pill bottles out of the ammo can. 

We found a false bottom which was the log. 

This was a fun one of which I would love to emulate. We had found a similar one when we were newer to Geocaching. We were down in Oregon getting the Original plaque and found a large plastic container wrapped in electrical tape full of pill bottles. 

We opened each pill bottle.

Then we found a “pocket” made of electrical tape at the bottom with the log in it.

B and I are working on a couple caches. They are both mystery caches (ones you have to solve a puzzle to get the cache coordinates). I will start featuring our favorite mysteries here soon!

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