Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides: Loading Dock

OK so travel bug hotels are hit and miss in popularity. Honestly the ones that are locked or protected in some way stand a better chance of travel bugs moving on and serving their purpose.

This travel bug hotel is pretty near where I live and – AMAZING! The effort that went in to this is pretty excellent. 

Loading Dock: difficulty 1, terrain 1.5, size large, hidden 1/27/17, we found 4/1/17, favorites 66.

Official Geocache description: Welcome to the Bounce, Bounce 520 Bellevue Travel Bug hotel. We pride our hotels in providing a safe secure stay for all travelers staying at Each location. Bounce, Bounce hotels, a step above all other Travel Bug hotels, strive to provide a unique caching experience and great enjoyment for the whole family. Our goal is to have a 100% satisfaction/favorite rating from all our visitors. We welcome any feedback you have For future property improvements.

To unlock the hotel, the code will be in order RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW. Feel free to play with the buttons and knobs but PLEASE make sure all the lights are on when you lock up the container. Please feel free to contact me @ xxx-xxx-xxxx if you need any assistance.

Please take photos/selfies in front of the cache and post to the cache page and tag us #bouncebounce8

This hide is near a Tesla dealership and resides in a loading dock. The sign below led us to beleive we were in the right place…..

I suspect the CO works here because there is power to the box.

The code to open the box is in the description.

Once it’s opened there were plenty of trackables to log and trade. There is also a manual which is the logbook.

I love the creativity and time that went in to this Geocache! As always, if you want the GC code you can email me.


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