Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Get Out of my House!

I meant to post this one yesterday.  This one, believe it or not is just near a park and ride on Whidbey Island. The terrain is actually pretty steep. 

The name I assigned to this one is a reference to an 80’s film Adventures in Babysitting. there is a scene towards the beginning of the film where Penelope Anne Miller is making a phone call in a phone booth (what’s that?) and a homeless man is telling her to get out of her house. It’s hilarious and now I need to watch it again.

Get Out of my House!: difficulty 1, terrain 2.5, size small, hidden 4/19/15, we found 4/16/17, favorites 28.

Official Geocache description: A convenient place to park and ride. Or, a convenient place to stretch your legs and look for a cache. The area has a bit of a view of the valley. An ideal place for a condo with a view.

Our GPS was bouncing around a lot but eventually we found the “trailhead”. We wandered around using our GPS and evidence of people who had been there before us. Just an old stump…….with a door.

I gave this one a favorite for the effort it went in to creating this little “condo”.  Which led us to this cute little space.

Isn’t the little squirrel just so cute?


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