Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Water Stopper

I have not posted in a while for this series and thought I would start again. It’s inspirational how clever people can be. The cache name, the container, the location they choose makes Geocaching even more fun. I am calling the hides by different names other than the ones they have officially been called on the Geocaching website to protect the caches. GZ refers to Ground Zero, CO refers to Cache Owner, DNF refers to Did Not Find & Smiley refers to successful find.

A few weeks ago B and I were camping over on Whidbey Island. After leaving the campground Sunday we had the day free to do whatever we wanted, a rarity for us. We stopped by a lovely little church off the highway to grab this clever hide. Sorry I forgot to get a photo of the cute little church.

Water Stopper: difficulty 2.5, terrain, 1.5, size ?. Hidden 11/18/14. We found 4/16/17. Favorites: 40

Official description of the cache: The cache is located on church property with their permission. It’s a cute little traditional style white country church. Complete with a steeple and a bell. I bet you’ve glanced at it plenty of times as you’ve driven by on the highway. Easiest to access while heading west on highway 101 though you can also come by from either end of Old Gardiner Road. There’s plenty of parking available. You may want to check the church schedule (available online) to avoid high muggle times. No tools necessary to retrieve the cache. But, DadwithTools warns you to be careful as you search. It could be tricky! 

Now B and I have been doing this a while and spotting the trickier ones is a lot easier for us. The coordinates were spot on and we were able to park right next to the cache. We hopped out of the bus and found –  a water pump.

At first we thought it might be in a fake rock at the base but the difficulty level led us to believe otherwise. We didn’t even bother turning the rocks over. Being naturally inquisitive we pulled up on the handle.

Can you see the little red bison nestled inside? We quickly signed the log and went about finding our next Geocache for the day. More of these posts to come!


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