Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Pillings Pond

So, I’m gonna make an exception just this once and give you the real Geocache name. This one is a gem, not necissarily for the hide but what it brings you to. 

Pillings Pond: difficulty 1, terrain 1, size small, hidden 5/6/10, I found 4/24/17,  favorites 62.

Official Geocache description: This cache is placed next to a small neighborhood treasure – Pilling’s Pond. The pond was created over the years by Charles A Pilling (1911-2001), who at the age of twelve started digging a small pond in the backyard of his home to care for three injured mallard ducks. His passion for waterfowl grew – and so did the size of the pond. Today the pond is a sanctuary for numerous rare waterfowl. Also, the southwest corner has a big bird cage with an exotic-looking bird. We actually met “Dave” (who takes care of the place now) as we were working on the hide, and he said it is a Golden Pheasant. Based on some cachers’ logs it seems like Dave is aware of the cache, which is on public property.

The home next to the pond was built by a member of the Denny family, one of Seattle’s founding fathers. Charles Pilling dug a small pond to care for three ailing ducks. You can read the rest of the story by clicking on the name of the cache for more information.

The house is actually to the left in the photo below.

Lots of ducks in residence. Love that willow tree!

A nesting box.

I really enjoy it when a Geocache brings me to a hidden gem like this!

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