The Bus

After three and a half years of dating a wonderful man I have succumbed to his love of the classic VW bus. This past Monday night B and I purchased a 1978 bay window Riveria in Neptune blue.

Bus Front

To say I am stoked is an understatement.

This bus was first posted on my birthday [Thursday] and Saturday B asked if I really wanted it. Sunday we called the owner and arranged to check it out the next night. We drove about an hour and a half south of where we live fully prepared to bring her home. Which we did.

Bus Back

It was a harrowing ride at times as the bus does need a bit of work but we are pleased with our purchase. We do not have a name for it yet. B’s boss suggested Desdemona [inspired by Jimmy Buffet’s song Desdemona’s Building a Rocket Ship]. B said he could live with the short name Mona but I am undecided.

Right now it needs new tires, window seals and some engine work. All stuff B can handle. There are some exterior rust spots we will need to attend to. The curtains, foam and plaid interior fabric are going to be replaced but usable for now.


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