A few months ago we agreed to take my sisters chickens. She is in the process of selling her house and they need to be rehoused. Once we agreed to that it was like the universe said our chicken condo was available for tenants.

A few weeks ago we took on our first gaggle of four from a friend of a friend. We have lots of mint in the chicken yard, they have been pecking at it and it smells heavenly.

B let them out to roam in the chicken yard on their first day. When we got home we only had three. Ra Ro!

B started walking the neighborhood and the Russians a few doors down asked him if he was looking for a chicken. They provided a net and B managed to wrangle Tweedle Dum back to the house.

We also had three eggs. On average we get three eggs a day. They very in color from darn and light tan to light blue and light green.

It’s been fun with our new tenants. I love all the clucking sounds they make!


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