Update: My Studio

About a year and a half ago I posted about the studio plans we had for an upcoming spring project. Fast forward to now. Still no studio but we have done work in the yard so we can be ready to put one in.

First we spent a day over Memorial weekend with a stump grinder removing five stumps.

About a month after completion of stump removal [now] B had a brilliant idea.

Originally we were going to place my studio in an area that would need to be filled and leveled. We still need to do that but the area previously reserved for my studio will now be parking. Perhaps some day even covered parking. B has a “slight” VW car addiction.

B’s ingenious idea was to place my studio near the flower beds I have been working on toward the back of the property. When I posted in January 2015 we still had a tree in that area but that came down last August in a wind storm (one of the stumps we removed).

The even cooler news.

B’s boss is going to be remodeling and expanding his house. Which means a shed he has needs to go. If we want it, we can have it for free. We just have to figure out how to move it the few blocks to our house. Score!

We went over the other night to have a look. It’s 8 x 18, a “touch” bigger than the 10 X 12 we were planning. There is one main window and the ceilings are tall. Right now it’s filled with things like paint and power tools. We measured and it will fit – just barely. We may alter its size a bit. Yet to be determined.

Improvements will be installing flooring, two more windows, hanging drywall and a heater. It already has power but we have to figure out how to get the power from the garage to that building. So I may be using an extension cord for a bit – who knows. Right now the door is closer to one end than I would like, I’m hoping we can center it and flank it with another window but that may not be possible and it’s not the end of the world.

Did I mention free shed?!?!??

Since my original post my vision for the decor of the space has changed. I’m calling it a bohemian/industrial/quirky vibe.

I am looking to paint my interior walls in Kendall Charcoal by Banjamin Moore – it’s a medium grey. I will likely paint trim in white. My accent colors – for now – are indigo and persimmon. Bamboo blinds and grey linen curtains that sink to the floor at most of the windows and a Turkish kilim rug over wood floors.



Depending on any alterations to the structure my plan right now is to have one half my reading/knitting side. It will feature a wood plank wall with a cozy grey upholstered chair. I would like to find [or create] a six sided Moroccan wood table and a leather Pouffe.

I will need to craft some sort of dog bed/pillow for Beej to hang out with me. Something like this the barrel below could work.

Dog Bed


Industrial shelving for yarn, fabric and knick knack storage, Indian lamps and some indoor house plants should complete that end.

The other half will be my writing/sewing side with more industrial shelving incorporating a desk area. All of my notions and tools will be within easy reach as I incorporate my craft cabinet in to this area. Penelope, my dress form, will stand in this corner and task lighting made from recycled glass insulators we received from B’s grandparents will hang overhead. There will be a window to look out to the yard with just bamboo blinds here.

Since the space is so big I would like to incorporate a cutting table that folds to the wall when not in use.

Some walls will feature gallery style groupings of quirky items from an owl sporting glasses, a zombie sign, posters from some favorite films, a Bigfoot print, a map craft project and some branchlers among other things.


I have some great art projects lined up. One that features a favorite quote “Not all who wander are lost”. by J.R.R. Tolkein. As mentioned above, the use of maps and embroidery floss to highlight some trips we have taken. I will also convert an antique 1920’s Philco radio that was my grandfather’s in to an iPod docking station.


On the outside there will be a path that leads from the backyard to the studio door. I will have a couple trellis’s made from rebar and covered in colorful sweet smelling climbers such as Trumpet vine, Jasmine, Passion flower Clematis and Honeysuckle.

Plantings in the nearby bed will vary from Peonies, Erysmium, Crocosmia, Bearded Iris and a Butterfly bush all in shades of purple and orange.

Some pots near the door of Caladium, Persian Shield, Fern, Impatiens and Wandering Jew.


I’m so excited to move forward on the studio! Next step is to figure out how to move the shed!


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