Gardening: Yard Update

As I mentioned in a previous post we took a couple extra days off over the Memorial weekend. We did camp and hike and obtain our 103rd state park cache which was our reward for some hard work around the yard. Quite a bit of work.

Friday morning B and I rented a stump grinder. We had five large stumps to remove. Three were in the area of my future studio. Notice all the blackberries we still have. That was after removing 900 pounds a few months ago.

Grinding away

One was in the chicken yard. We are getting my sisters five chickens so needed to prep and repair the coop. I “may” put a raised veggie garden in here. The chicken yard is huge.

Overgrown chicken yard – nettles, weeds and blackberries

The last was the stump of the tree that fell next to my car last summer and the future site of a lovely cutting/English garden bed.

The stump is somewhere in these weeds

I weeded this entire area in preparation for stump grinding and planting. The cyclone fence behind me in the photo below used to be covered in blackberries and my studio will be sitting in front of it after we level the area. I plan to plant clematis, jasmine and trumpet vine along the fence so the vines will eventually wind through and obscure the fence. 

The area in our back yard I am calling woodland sits under a Maple and a Pine. Up until last August there had been a second Pine but it came down in a wind storm, narrowly missing and flattening my car.

Green Man

I had thought with the missing tree the area would get too much light for my shade loving plants. So I left them in pots in the area to see how they would do.

About a month ago I started weeding the area and putting in fresh soil and plants.

What i started with

Potted plants in front of a rickety bench

They seem to really like the amount of shade they still get. I edged the bed with stuff we already had. I had divided some hostas and also planted a hydrangea, Solomon’s seal, black mondo grass, nicotiana and oxalis.


I continued clearing the area and putting in more edging.

Is that cat real…or not?

I will need more soil and plants. Since my first efforts I have added the dyed violets, some ground cover and a really cool purple and green stripes coleus called Persoan Shield. I want to add some more nicotiana, impatiens & fern.

Here is detail of the Persian Shield and TieDye Violet.

The bed that had the stump in it I cleared received some plants as well. I tried to spare some perennials that come up every year (towards the back) and I think I would like to raise part of this bed for more interest and to help hide the brown tarted racecar (the racecar will be going away but a Costco tent will go up for B to park his Syncro under so we were thinking M a living screen would be nice).

The rickety bench will be made new again by B. It’s a great little spot to sit and read with some iced tea.


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