Geocaching: The Final One

B and I took a couple extra days off over the Memorial Day weekend. Monday we headed up to Mt. Pilchuck state park to obtain our final state park cache.

The drive to the trailhead was up a potholed road about seven miles. Our hike lasted about five hours and was an elevation gain of 1200 feet over the course of about two miles. 

The beginning of the hike was through rich forested woods where we found a few caches we had preloaded on our phones as there was no reception.

At one point on the trail we had to wait for about 50 people to manouver around a fallen tree before we could continue.

Lots of people on the trail

Beej did great for the entire trek! He’s usually pretty prissy when it comes to mud and puddles which I appreciate when we are camping. After a while those things were no big deal.

Shortly after this tree the Forrest thinned and we found ourselves in a boulder field.

This field lasted for about a half mile​. Soon we hit snow. Yes it was warm enough for a tank top!

Not a lot but enough. At one point I put my foot down and bam! It was through the snow. I was pretty exhausted and I scraped my leg. I was so done.

I was lucky, no sprains or breaks or even bruising. My leg is red from cold in the photo above as I had just fallen in the snow. B had me sit and wait for him with Beej. We were still about 2/10 from the cache so he soldiered on. It didn’t take him long and upon his return we prepared for the hike down.

I was really tired and fell two more times before we got back to the trailhead. I was also slightly dehydrated and when we got to our campsite I promptly napped for a couple hours!

The next day we did some caching along the Mountain Loop Highway and ate lunch at Mirkwood & Shire in Arlington before heading home.

103 state parks found!
Guess what showed up today? My gold coin!

Feel free to discover it!

Happy caching!

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