Camping & Geocaching NE WA

Apologies for the blogging hiatus. Been a bit busy up in here. 

Let’s get up to speed by traveling back in time about a month. Our last major state park Geocaching road trip to obtain three of the four state parks left. We headed out Thursday night and free camped at Nason Creek rest area.

This trip started out with a bit of a different caravan. B had a new Beetle to sell and a buyer in Wenatchee. So, I drove it over.

A sifferent kind of caravan
After dropping off the car to a dad and very excited teenager we geared up with a coffee pit stop for our drive to Curlew lake. 

On our way we stopped in the tiny town of Tonasket. A little triangle shaped park with a cache in it and this crazy tree. Not certain what the flower is but it was awesome looking!

What is this crazy tree?

From here we headed east over highway 20. It was definitely remote and boasted of ghost towns. 

There were interpretative signs along the highway and we almost missed this little gem tucked in the hillside. Halfway to Republic we came across Phlug mansion built in 1908 by German immigrants. They hauled the lumber for their home ten miles to the site.

Phlug mansion site
Upon entering Republic, which up until 1968 was listed as a ghost town we discovered Republic Brewing Company. We had to stop and sample their beverages. The vibe of the place was really laid back and friendly.

Couldn’t pass up a photo of this chair as we headed out to the patio.

The sign reads “This chair has been claimed by an old dog. You are welcome to sit in it, but it’s likely to be hairy. Thanks, Management” This really just cracked me up and was such a great little spot.

While on the patio with our adult beverages we chatted with a couple who lived near us but were visiting her mom. Small world.

Onwards to Curlew Lake state park, our final destination and camping spot for Friday night. We scored with the ranger who let us share a camping spot and split the fee. We got situated and then headed out for the cache. It was a quick find near the amphitheater. On the way back we stopped for a quick game of checkers.

It was a tie
Saturday morning we continued east on highway 20 over Sherman pass collecting caches along the way.

This birds nest was tucked in to a lookout over an area ravaged by fire in 1988.

We continued on to Cryastal Falls state park which is really a stop along the highway to view some falls.

Dug overlooking the falls

We had to follow this crazy trails over very large boulders to find the cache container tucked away in a crevasse. 

We passed through Kettle Falls and found Northern Ales Brewing for beer and pizza.

Our last stop of the day was practically in Canada (literally a half mile from the border) at Crawford state park. 

Camping for Saturday night was up in the air. We knew of a campground about a mile from the park run by Seattle City Light and associated with the dam project there. We cruised in and found the park vacant except for one tent. Scored even more by finding out camping was free!

We set up camp and celebrated earning a gold coin with a tasty beer.

Sunday morning was the big trek home. We headed south and stopped just outside of Ione to visit a friend and former coworker of B’s caching all the way to Spokane to achieve another goal – filling in Delorme squares. More on that in another post.

We stopped at a favorite brewery for food and beer, NoLi and then pushed on for the final five hour drive home.

102 of 103 state parks achieved. We turned in our passport for the gold coin about a month ahead of the end of the challenge. 

Behold, paisleykmt and type2bill are listed as gold coin achievers!

Stay tuned for our Mount Pilchuck adventure!


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