Whole30: Week Two Recap

Well, week two has come and gone. Much easier this week. I am sleeping better and have a bit more energy. 

Went camping again over the weekend (recap soon). Food prep took me three hours the night before we left but I made pico de gallo, applesauce, hard boiled eggs, cold press coffee and sliced up kiwi, strawberry and mango.

B brought home free pork from a coworker in the form of chops, bacon and loin. Score! One night we had the chops with my applesauce. The loin B put in a crock pot ahead of time with a W30 approved sauce and it was delish!

One hiccup on our trip, we stopped for breakfast Friday morning and I ordered a scramble. Since I was not getting cheese I got an additional veggie for free (I did onion, mushroom & avocado). I “assumed” my hash browns would be on the side. Oops nope, they were mixed in with the eggs, meat and veggies. I did my best to eat around them and we took the leftovers and bread to go. B and Dug ate them one morning for breakfast.

Now that I am halfway through, I do miss cheese, good bread and chocolate just the tiniest bit. I have decided when I am done I will add in those things but only really good cheese, bread (want to make it myself) and chocolate to make it worth my while and I will limit them so I am not eating them every day.

Craft beer hasn’t been too hard either. Once W30 is over I think I will limit it to Wednesday Brewers night (if the beer offerings sound interesting) and the weekend. 

One thing I have decided to do is study to get my Cicerone (the craft beer version of a Sommelier) certification. This is a course of study that will likely take me a year (for the first level) but I am interested in learning more about beer. I have only brewed once and would like to take that up again soon. I know a couple people who have done it so I know they will help me study.

This last trip I frequented the breweries with B and Dug (three of them). One of them we ate at. Two of them I ordered iced tea and the third (which happens to have a personal fave or mine) I ordered water.

My my first big fear was getting through two four day camping trips without getting hungry – and I did it. I wasn’t even tempted that much to be “bad”. I know this is temporary.

Mother’s Day is the last Sunday of my W30 and my mother asked me to bring a dessert. So now I need to research a yummy dessert we will all like or make cheesecake for everyone and something else for me.

I am down another 2.6 pounds for a total of 14 in two weeks. I expected a smaller loss now that I have leveled out and expect my losses to be 2-3 per week from here on out.

All in all, things are going good!


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