Whole30: Week One Recap

Yesterday I completed week one of Whole30. The first two days were a struggle and I was cranky. I had low energy in the afternoons and was really tired in the evenings. I think my withdrawal only lasted for two days although I did feel headachy on our camping trip a couple times but that was because I had gone too long without eating.

Day four was the start of a four day camping trip to SE Washington. I prepped and planned and brought a lot of food. Too much actually. B was sweet enough to consider my dietary needs when meal planning and except for lunch we mostly ate the same.

Breakfasts on the trip were omlets with veggies made by our friend Dug. Mine were without cheese. I had made up sweet potato hash a head of time and also had a sausage patty or ham. All the others had regular hash browns and home made raisin bread as well.

Lunch was tuna with mayo and dill pickle and a Greek salad (on the first day only – too much prep for salad, need to rethink that), a hard boiled egg and some fruit. It was a surprise to me how not a lot of food at lunch satisfied me. Although I did have a banana as a snack a few times.

Dinner there was more variety. The first night we had brats with sour kraut and really yummy mustard. I skipped the regular potatoes. The second night Jane made homemade chicken soup with loads of veggies and cooked the noodles separately (so sweet of her) so I wouldn’t have to dig them out. Dug made meatloaf (basically he took ground sausage and shoved cut veggies in it, wrapped it in foil and threw it on the fire). It was good. All the others had Rosemary bread. The last night we had turkey burgers with veggie condiments and broccolini. I did not have a bun. 

Friday night was a little hard as we saw a sign for a local craft brewery. B asked if it was OK if he went with Dug. I certainly wanted him to enjoy himself but it was hard. One night Dug offered me a sip of one of his beers to try. He felt bad cause he forgot. I just took a photo of the bottle for later. 

So the social aspect of beer drinking is something I really miss. I am not going to the pub Wednesday nights for tastings. Conveniently B is taking a radio production class those nights so it makes it easier for me. Not that it’s his job to buffer that for me.

Not gonna lie, day 31 I am celebrating with some Utopias we have at home. Don’t worry though, it’s a strong beer, almost like a port. I will only be having about 10 oz.

Coffee I thought would be hard and in the beginning it was. I love me a good mocha!  Before starting W30 I had tapered to cold brew with cream. I prefer my coffee iced – even in winter. I bought an Americano over ice yesterday and it was good!

Now that the sugar withdrawals are gone I can taste food without a lot of added stuff and I like it! I am drinking more water and eating a larger serving of veggies. 

I was worried the first couple days using some store bought items. I’m not going to lie, I did not make W30 mayo but used Best Foods. I don’t always by free range, grass fed meat and my eggs are what they are. Soon we will have chickens again and they will be W30 approved. I was pleased that Frank’s Res Hot sauce was W30 approved.

Even with these missteps I lost 11.6 pounds in my first week. I’m feeling good, sleeping well and this is actually not that hard. Knock on wood (raps head).

I posted in the FB W30 group I am in and someone posted I was an inspiration. Good words to hear!

I do have a plan for after Whole30. I am looking at going back to Weight Watchers and already have plans to go to a meeting with a friend who is doing it and has done W30.


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