Whole30: Day One

After this post I will be doing a weekly post through my Whole30. I had intended to start Monday April 11 but life happened Sunday and I didn’t have time to prepare. So I started yesterday Tuesday April 12. 

Breakfast was two eggs, sweet potato hash (sweet potatoes & bell pepper cooked in coconut oil) and a sausage patty with mushroom and spinach. 


Lunch was a chicken breast and a Greek salad of cucumber, tomato, avocado, Kalamatta olives, romaine lettuce and a dressing of olive oil & lemon. 

Dinner was steak, steamed broccoli, mushrooms and sweet potato fries.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and will be interested to see how much I lose but that is only one factor. I also took measurements. 

I have cooked with olive oil for years and thank goodness that is something I can still have. I purchased coconut oil and surprising as it sounds it has no taste or scent. A great alternative for cooking fat! I can also have clarified butter but have not gone to the trouble of making my own and my regular grocery store doesn’t have it.

My coffee this morning was cold press with coconut milk. The coconut milk solidified in my cold coffee which was weird.

As much as I am looking forward to the challenge and possible weight loss, I do have a couple of fears. 

Hunger I am concerned that I may get hungry and not have the right kind of snacks available to me easily.

Headache/Sugar Withdrawl I hope that I can manage this without getting a really bad headache. I always have Excedrine migraine on me so shall see.

Weight Loss It’s no lie part of the reason I am doing this is to lose weight. 

So after one day on the plan I will admit I am a little cranky but hoping after the first week things level out.


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