Knitting: Ivy Trellis Socks

These socks were a way for me to learn some new stitches and grow as a knitter. I have knit socks on DPN’s (double pointed needles) before so that in itself was not a challenge. Learning some new stitches and a different type of cable was. 

I love the watery blue green color of the smooshy yarn! Below is ribbing at the top of the sock and only four rows in to the pattern.

Sock Beginnings

This was my third attempt at knitting up these socks and you can see I added a “lifeline” [darker colored yarn] in the event I needed to rip them back – AGAIN.

Ivy Trellis Before Heel

So far so good, this is three and a half repeats of the pattern. Shortly after this I moved on to turning the heel. You can see I have a second lifeline and I did have a third but tried using dental floss – it came out. Rest assured I DID place a lifeline before I move on to turning the heel.

After I completed my first sock I did not hesitate to start the second so I would not get the dreaded one sock phenomenon so many knitters suffer from (it’s also true for gloves).

Two completed socks

The second sock knitted up rather quickly and I was impatient for the finish. These socks are cozy and I wear them almost as slippers.


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