Urban Beer Scavenger Hunt


B and I participated in an Urban Beer Scavenger hunt. We were super excited for it and our team of ten made costumes. 

The costumes were all based on a hoodie. We attached spongy false fronts. Armor for the gals was Easter eggs cut in half and for the guys knee pads converted in to shoulder pads and doll hair for chest hair. 

We painted the hood and added a fur trim and horns. The gals got thick yellow braids and the guys got rust orange beards and mustaches. I am really proud of the way the mustaches turned out. My on the fly creation. Below the three men in the group modeling them. B is in the middle.

Our team met up at Westlake Center an hour before the hunt was to start. Westlake center was in the middle of the grid of possible places they would send us. The heart of downtown Seattle. Below Jenne (our leader on the left) and her mom who was dressed like the rest of the gals. Jenne had a working udder with mead in a baby bottle. Her horns have crystal beads wrapped around them. She even made a backpack with left over fur!


At noon we received a text with instructions on where to go for our first stop. We received a small mug and completed our first task which was to spell out a favorite beer with twigs and rocks and include the entire team in our photo (including the entire team proved to be an issue as the day went on). The first beer that came to mind was from our IPA loving leader. Pliny (for Pliny the Elder). 

After that photo opp we. headed up to Capitol Hill and our first bar stop. The line was long. Our goal was to drink a beer out of our little mug without our hands. Straws were quickly procured and we all gathered for the photo.

We had to take a photo of the entire team doing a sobriety test. It had to include a stranger as well. We had tried to take one earlier with someone from another team but not all of our team got in the photo. We found this obliging policman who agreed to be in our photo.


Off to the next stop, a photo opp with Seattle’s own Jimmy Hendrix. We had to play air guitar and “kiss the sky”.


After that it was a short walk to Mo’s for our second bar stop. Again another long line. At this bar we had to get all of us in the photo and some of us had to pour a beer in to another’s mouth.


We soon realized the three hours we were allotted to obtain photos at five different bars + all the other tasks was NOT enough time. We made it back down the hill to the YMCA in time to complete three individual tasks; flip a party cup to land on its rim, toss a ball in to a garbage can shaped like a beer mug and jump in a potato sack. We received items for each. One was a playing card. We then had to find a match and take a photo with our cards and our entire team. Hearing cats comes to mind. 

At that point it was three and the game was over. We had to solve clues that were texted to us to find the final location. Google was certainly helpful. After a false start and A LOT of walking we ended up at the Queen Anne Beer Hall. Beer and food were in order.

We came in third place in the costume contest behind The Elvises and the Big Booty People. All I can say was The Elvises rocked it but the Big Booty People were kind of – well, crass. Their costumes were literally a t-shirt that said Big Booty and they had stuffed pillows in the backside of their pants. Voting was how loud the crowd got.

All in all we walked seven miles and I slept for twelve hours. The hunt was a bit disorganized but it was a good day!


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