March Geocaching & Camping

This blog post was crafted entirely on my iPhone. I added photos and created links all with my pointer finger! I must say I am feeling quite proud and able!

This month we took two camping trips to get 6 more state park Geocaches. We are now down to 20 left. Three weekends ago we left town early Saturday morning and rode the ferry to Kingston, meeting up with our friend Jane in Port Angeles [that is her bus below].

Bus Love

We stopped and visited Ted’s Tree, the oldest Madrona in Washington State. Of course there was a Geocache there. From there we drove by Lake Crescent. At 624 feet this is the second deepest lake in Washington State. The lake is known for its blue waters and exceptional clarity, caused by a lack of nitrogen which inhibits the growth of algae.

Lake Crescent

After an earth cache we were on our way to Bogachiel state park which was established in 1931 and is managed jointly between the Bogachiel Commercial Club and the Forks Chamber of Commerce. The park is located outside the town of Forks made famous by the Stephanie Meyers Twilight trilogy. The Hoh rainforest is close by and a great place to visit.

Upon arrival at the park we set up camp and settled in. The Geocache siren was calling our names. It was a quick walk to the cache. We returned to our site to enjoy dinner, a campfire and games. We made it an early night as we needed to drive quite a ways to get our other two caches the next day.

The next morning on our way back down highway 101 we stopped at Lake Crescent Lodge which was built in 1914 by Avery Singer. People arrived at the lodge via ferry until the highway was established in 1922. Walter and Bessie Bovee took possession in the 1940’s, expanded and brought it back to life. The lodge is in the Olympic National forest and is owned by the parks service now.

Lake Crescent Lodge

Our next stop was Fort Townsend state park. The original Fort Townsend was built in 1856 by the US Army for the protection of settlers. It was closed for a time but reopened at the end of the century. In 1953 it became a state park. Sadly most of the buildings burned in a fire in 1885. 

This cache was a pretty quick one down a sun dappled trail. At the end was a view of Port Townsend across the water.

Our last stop and a favorite place for me is Fort Worden state park. Fort Worden along with Fort Casey and Fort Flagler form the “Triangle of Fire” for protection of the Puget Sound designed to prevent a hostile fleet from reaching Bremerton, Seattle and Tacoma. There is much to explore at Fort Worden. Portions of the film An Officer and A Gentleman was shot here.


Our quest was up above the main buildings of the fort on the bluff. There are all sorts of bunkers to explore and our cache was hidden in plain site. The trick was getting it open without attracting muggle attention.


B wanted to find another cache so Jane and I went back to the busses to wait. While we were there we were treated to the site of a bunch of deer.


We went down to the lighthouse to find a cache which was hidden among the many rocks that acted as a breakwater. It took us awhile as the coordinates were off by about twenty feet.

As it was getting dark we went to our favorite place to eat while in Port Townsend, Sirens. After much needed food and adult beverage we headed for the ferry and home.

The following weekend B and I took Friday off so we could get in some extra Geocaching time. Thursday night we headed out to camp at Bayview state park (already got this cache and stamp).

Friday morning we awoke early and headed in to Anacortes to the Starbucks for coffee and a breakfast sandwich and arrived in the ferry line in time for our 8:20 AM reservations for the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

For the hour and a half crossing I was able to get quite a bit done knitting on my cardi.

Upon arrival in Friday Harbor we headed for Lime Kiln Point state park. The park is named for the lime quarrying operation that began in 1860 and last led until 1920. 


The area near the old kilns are pretty steep and parts are dangerous. B and I managed to get a cache which filled in our terrain level 4. The trails then took us to a lighthouse established in 1919.


We finished up our visit getting the state park cache and headed back in to town for some lunch. After lunch we had time to wander around Friday Harbor before we had to catch our next ferry. B and I ended up in the Griffin Bay bookstore where we wandered and had GREAT coffee. 

I had noticed these signs on the main highway around the island. I collect art in this style and really wanted this one if I could find it.


I was able to purchase the last one at a store near the ferry landing. More knitting for me as we rode to Orcas Island. On our way to our campsite we stopped at Island Hoppin Brewery for a flight of their beers. 

There mugs are made locally and every “mugger” has their own on a shelf. Some are personalized.


Our destination that night was Moran state park which was opened in 1921 when the former Mayor and a ship builder of Seattle donated 2,700 acres for a park. We settled in for dinner and a campfire and went to bed early again.

The next morning B and I headed up Mt. Constitution for our state park cache. 


On the way up we crossed a bridge with a small waterfall and we didn’t know it at the time but research later informed us we saw a Piebald deer.


This cache was super quick to find. We hiked a little ways to a viewpoint but it was too foggy to see anything. We cleaned up camp and headed for the ferry to Lopez island and our last state park cache for the weekend. More knitting for me too!


As we were waiting for the ferry B discovered the park was closed for construction. Upon arrival at Lopez island we headed to Spencer Spit state park and parked.

The park was originally a homestead by the Troxell’s. Sold to the Spencer’s who lived there for 50 years. It was purchased by the state in 1967.

After a pretty short walk to and back from the gate we went in to the village to find some lunch. We decided on Haven which was HEAVEN! I had Indian Fry bread and a beet and goat cheese salad. Jane had lamb sliders and B had a yummy Asian styled soup. The beer and wine offerings were excellent.

We decided to camp at Odlin park that night upon recommendation from a coworker of B’s. Camp was set up quickly. We enjoyed dinner and many rounds of cards before it was another early night in order to catch the ferry after Daylight Savings time set in.

We returned to the mainland and decided to skip some caches in Washington park as the road was closed due to high winds. 

We wandered in to Anacortes for some coffee at Johnny Picasso’s. As we were sitting enjoying some locally made chocolates I noticed two chairs with fabric over the tops with the names Larry and Byron stitched on them. I had to ask the story behind it.

Larry and Byron are both veterans, one in his 80’s and one in his 90’s and every day to chat. They sit in the same chairs and before they had their names on them they would demand people not sit in their chairs when they came in. I can’t remember which but one of them is missing an arm and a leg from an explosion when they were in the military. Every Sunday they hang out on a certain street corner with peace signs. We ended up spotting them in the rain later.

After coffee we wandered in to an antique shop. We parted ways so Jane could check out a quilt shop and B and I could get more caches in town.

One of the caches was a multi which involved getting clues at a bunch of different wooden people erected al over old town.


It was fun to read about previous inhabitants. A puzzle cache took us to the Anacortes Library. What an amazing place! A jazz band was playing in a room off the lobby and they also had a used book for sale room.


We were greeted by this dress, shoes and hat made of newspaper as we entered the library. The puzzle cache was a bit challenging and not what we expected but we did end up finding it.

All that caching made us hungry so we stopped at The Brown Lantern for lunch. We took the last table in a window book. B had a burger on Texas toast with egg and sausage gravy.


I had a lamb burger with mango salsa and Feta cheese. They were both very good! We washed it down with a beer and we’re ready for some more caching. Before we left town we hit up Anacortes Brewing which is in a local restaurant and shared a flight. It was a super windy blustery day and as we walked in our door at home our lights came on.



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      1. would love a van maybe in the future lol, and i love it so far, just getting used to the world of blogging my adventures too so its great reading other blogs with people of similar interests.

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