Wow, been almost a month since my last post. Sorry for dropping the ball! I have decided I am no longer going to post monthly updates. I still have goals and will post those achievements when I reach them.

I am embracing change but starting gradually as I know perfectionism will lead me to quit all of my efforts. I read this article from Be More With Less. Courtney states “Every lasting change that I’ve made has started with one small step”. Starting simply is a tactic I have implemented to achieve my goals.

Simply put, I am doing things that align with my life and how I want to live it. I have made losing weight my number one goal. A close second is finishing my screenplay. I have made progress in both arenas and it feels good.

Over the course of a couple weekends I made a huge dent in my storage unit. I donated ten boxes of stuff I no longer use or need. It felt really good! I brought all of my books in to the house and put them away and I had less than I thought.

I am soooo close to finishing my Ivy Trellis socks and just ordered yarn for the sweater I am making next.

We went to a Geocaching event last weekend, post to come soon. Spending tomorrow with my sweetie Geocaching and hitting a brewery.

B and I spent quite a bit of time one day cutting down about 900 pounds of blackberries in preparation for our new fence which is going up now. This spring B will be putting in my studio which I am totally excited about.

Feeling lighter every day!


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