In November of last year B and I bought ourselves snowshoes at the REI sale. This past weekend we had a small group outing [two other couples + a teenager] with our first test run of our new equipment.

We headed out Friday night for a friends cabin which is about a half hour from the ski area. We arrived in plenty of time to play some Settlers of Catan and enjoy a nice adult malted beverage with Jane before heading to bed.


Getting up early Saturday morning was hard but worth it. We arrived at the parking lot of the Nordic Center around 9:15 and started getting our gear on while we waited for our friends to arrive [traffic to the mountain was a bit backed up]. We nabbed a Geocache in the parking lot and by 10:15 we were ready to hit the trails. The parking lot was PACKED!


B and my friend Paul I have known since high school and his wife.

Nordic Trail Map

We had planned to follow an easy loop trail called Steppin’ Stoker [the red one above] and then decide what to do after that. Somehow after crossing the cross country ski trail we lost our trail and ended up in harder terrain with a bit more powder to walk through. Basically blazing our own trail.

After stopping for lunch we were able to find the trail again and continued on our way. After a while we ended up at a big hill that I ended up sliding down which Paul stated I did rather gracefully. The terrain got harder to where we were basically digging the front of our snowshoes in to the powder, they would slide about a foot before you could put any weight on it and move up the hill.

After that adventure I decided to stick to the road where the groomed cross country trail was until we could find our original trail again. Paul and Josh had a few more experiences in deep powder which they enjoyed.

Cole Snow

Our friend Jane’s teenage son Cole came with us and was a source of entertainment most of the day. He would run ahead and leave messages in the snow for us or pop up from behind a tree and try to fling a snowball but the snow was not wet enough to stay in a ball.

H and J

B’s friend Josh from his bus club and his wife Heather who I go to knit night with also came along.

B on Snow

B near the end of our day.

The Group

Paul brought along his fancy camera and took this group shot. From L to R Kassy, B, Me, Heather, Josh & Paul with Cole in the front.

Altogether we were gone for five hours. I was smiling at the end so it must have been a good time right?

Me Snow

The snow at the cabin was pretty deep. This is Beej on a potty break. He stayed at the cabin while we were out but LOVES the snow so I let him run around outside for a bit.

Beej in Snow

We went back to the cabin where B told Jane “I think we broke K”. I took a nap and then it was a lasagna dinner with salad and more game playing, Catan, King’s Corners and Yahtzee. I made it to about 9:30 before I was off to bed.

The next morning I woke before everyone else and started a pot of coffee. I had a nice lazy morning reading with B on my lap.

Life is Good

After breakfast and cleaning the cabin we were on our way home. We stopped at Espresso Chalet for coffee and a bathroom break. This was a filming location for the movie Harry and the Henderson’s.

B and Harry

We nabbed another Geocache here and then continued on our way home. This was a great trip and we hope to do this again next month.


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