2015 Year In Review

This year I made a concerted effort to blog more consistently and “find my voice”. I have really come to love my blog time as evidenced by the increase in posting over last year. I hope you have enjoyed my journey!

I plan on changing up my monthly update posts to a slightly different and more simple format. It’s a work in progress but you will see on my goals for 2016 post how it will likely look.

So how did I do based on January 1? Glad you asked……

Increasing my Net Worth

Originally I lumped debt within net worth and thought I would post hard numbers. I am using percentages as I am not comfortable including actual numbers online for net worth/retirement. I will use a combined percentage for overall.

Assets: Increased by 53%

  • 401[k]: Increase of 74%. This includes employer contributions – fully vested as of December 31st – tomorrow.
  • IRA: Increase of 100%. Received from divorce settlement in early January – fully vested.
  • Savings: Increase of 100%. I literally went from ZERO. 
  • Car: Increase of 100%. Paid off in July.

Liabilities: Decreased by 22%

  • Personal Loan [small]: Decrease of 100%. Paid off in May.
  • Personal Loan [large]: Decrease of 5%. This personal loan my ex husband and I borrowed from my parents at very low interest to pay off debt. He refused to assist in paying it back when we divorced which resulted in me solely taking this on. Projected payoff May 2020.
  • Car: Decrease of 100%. Paid off in July [proactively saving towards a down payment for my next car].
  • 401[k] Loan: Decrease of 27%. Projected payoff December 2016.
  • Key Bank Loan: Decrease of 100%. Paid off in AugustThis loan was with my bank to work on my credit after bankruptcy due to divorce.
  • Divorce Attorney: Decrease of 100%. Paid off in February.
  • Tires: Decrease of 100%. Paid off in February.
  • Credit Card 1: Increase of 84%. Currently there is a balance and scheduled to pay off June 2016 but want to play with the numbers a bit.
  • Credit Card 2: Increase of 42%. Currently there is a balance and scheduled to pay off July 2016 [caveat here: while I don’t think credit cards are necessary, I am trying to rebuild my credit due to divorce/bankruptcy. This card will double my credit limit if I make seven consistent minimum payments. So I purchased something for myself, split that in seven payments and am doing just that. The interest is minimal].

Net Worth: Positive

The Great Outdoors/Travel

We had many great camping adventures with the Cascade Kombis [year in review to be posted soon], and a vacation/road trip on the east coast which I posted about days 1-3, days 4 & 5, days 6 & 7 and days 8 – 10. Some highlights were the chocolate shop in Winthrop [chocolate covered dog treats and macaroons the size of your fist!], night caching in Port Gamble, camping trip at the Blue Moon drive in and brunch the next day at the Knead and Feed [where they filmed scenes from Practical Magic], hiking and camping at Fort Flagler and trips in to Port Townsend and finding a new favorite restaurant there Sirens, rafting down the Yakima river, camping in Spokane with trips to breweries and The Flying Goat as well as visiting B’s aunt, pretty much ALL of Savannah including the 17hundred90 hotel.

We have a couple trips planned for this coming year, Fresno, DC and Sedona are for certain. We may attempt a long weekend at Whistler [mom has a time share]. I would like to plan an international trip within the next 18 months.

Hand Crafts

Originally these were broken down by month and the days clearly got away from me. I started the Bee Keepers quilt, completed a cloche hat and one of my Ivy Trellis socks are almost done. I also made a leg lamp skirt for my Halloween costume.

My craft space is currently in the spare room and I hope to have my studio built in the spring so I will be able to do crafts more easily. We finally started reorganizing the spare room just before Christmas and bought a couple more IKEA Billy bookcases to house books and make the space more efficient.


I didn’t list specific gardening projects I wanted to accomplish in 2015 with the exception of a veggie garden in the chicken yard. Some plans got waylaid as we had a very large tree come down. I will revisit garden plans in my 2016 goals post.


I held on to my storage until longer than planned. Well, I still have it. I plan on getting rid of it in early 2016, more to come in the 2016 goals post.

Better Health

Aside from hiking and Geocaching I did not make weight loss a priority. That will change in the new year.


I was pretty vague about goals for the home in 2015. In general I said we had some but didn’t list what we thought we would accomplish. We have a lot on our plate but need to tackle some home items.


I also didn’t write this in my goals for the beginning of the year. I started a screenplay in 2014. I worked on it a bit in 2015 but also this was not made a priority.

2016 is going to be an amazing year!


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