Camping: Dash Point State Park

Over the weekend we had a rainy camping trip to a local state park, Dash Point. There have been three separate survey expeditions since 1800 and the property has been called lson Landing, Fairview Beach, and Woodstock Beach. The origin of the name Dash Point is not recorded. In the late 1940s, the McLeod family sold the land to the State of Washington with the understanding the property would be used as a park. The park was dedicated and developed in 1962 for the Seattle World’s Fair.

We had planned to take our Synchro Westie but at the end of our street it died. An hour later after pushing it back to the house and loading all of our gear in to Marty we were off. The park is only an hour south of us and we arrived by 9:00 PM. It was pouring out so we quickly put the easy up over the picnic table and B got a fire going. There was a small lake [we named it Marty] near the picnic table so B spent some time dredging.


We soon were too cold to sit outside so fired up the propane heater and played some games of Uno in the bus before settling in for the night.

The next morning was bright and sunny but cold. B’s dredging efforts from the night before were a success so it was easier to move around the table with less mud and muck.

We were joined by George who had inquired about our camping trip as he has a dune buggy built on a bus chassy.

After our friend Dug arrived, we had breakfast and then headed out for our only cache of the day. The state park cache is the only one in the park.

The trail down to the beach isn’t too terribly long. There are parts that have wooden walkways due to the wetness of the ground. There are also a few bridges and some stairs.

B on the Bridge

We had actually found this Geocache in March of 2014, the last time we camped here but that was before B and I had gotten in to Geocaching.

Dug and Dogs

Above, Dug and his dogs. We headed back to our site in time for Willow, Roman and Elena to arrive. We were also joined later by Lynn. An amazing potluck dinner ensued as well as ghost stories around the “worst campfire ever”.

Worst Campfire Ever

Above, Dug and Willow.

Toby Head Heavy

Toby and Gus were tired.

Tired Gus

The next morning after breakfast and getting all packed up we headed down to the beach. The tide was in but there was still enough beach to walk along. We all looked for treasures but no luck that morning.

The next stop was Saltwater state park where we needed to get another cache for our challenge. The park, located halfway between Seattle and Tacoma was dedicated in 1926. It included a peace effort to symbolically “bury the hatchet” under a rock and to stop the bad feelings between the two cities. The Civilian Conservation Corp built most of the buildings seen today in the 1930s.

We arrived in the park just as it started to pour. Luckily for us the cache was located pretty close to where we parked so we were able to get it quickly.


Our last stat park stop of the day was Bridal Trails state park. This park is well-known for its horse trails and equestrian shows. The forested park is called the wilderness in the city. We saw no horses on our trip through the Trillium trail but definitely evidence of them!

A few months back when we did the night cache I came across this Lara Croft trackable. I have started taking her photo at cache sites and other places until I find the right place to drop her. Here she is having successfully climbed in to a tree.

Lara Tree


Up in the bushes.

Lara Bush

On a stump

Lara Log

We ended our day with dinner and beer at Bellevue Brewing Company. I couldn’t resist and had to take Lara’s photo of her enjoying an adult beverage.

Lara Croft

Lara originated in the UK and I will place her as soon as I find a great container. We have now 62 stamps on our state park passport.

Unlike most of or camping trips we actually got home at a reasonable hour, got all unpacked and even got a book shelf built for the spare room.


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