Geocaching: Silver Coin Achieved

Well B and I did it. We got our 50 Washington state parks in before the end of the year and our silver coin!


Overall we are the 187th and 188th people to get this achievement. Right now we are sitting at 60 state parks under our belt [although we need to revisit two of them for the passport stamps]. We are camping this weekend and will be getting two more for a total of 62 to round out the year.

Not bad as we didn’t really ramp up until April. So nine months of heavy duty focus and we met the first of two goals.

For those of you cachers who like trackables and discovering things. Here is a glimpse of the back of my coin – yes you can discover it.

WSGA 50 Coin

We have seen some great spots in our state that we may never have found without doing the challenge. There are a lot more state parks in Washington than I thought. A few favorite stops…..

Saint Edward: This one is near where we live and a great day use park with older buildings, a grotto and a small orchard. Originally founded as a Catholic seminary. Lots of hiking trails.

Fort Flagler: We have camped here a handful of times. As part of the Ring of Fire, there are historical buildings to visit at this park and a museum to walk through. Great hiking trails and although blustery camping near the beach is a good time.

Manchester: Another of the Ring of Fire and a great camping park with lots of hiking and older buildings to wander through.

Iron Horse – Hyak: We found this one when we went for the Ape Cache event in August. No camping involved but a lot of walking. I love that old train tracks are being converted in to hiking trails in our state.

Federation Forest: Another non camp ground but a lovely hike through old growth trees. Some of which were HUGE!

Maryhill: We did not camp here but explored the nearby Stonehenge replica which is a monument to WWI veterans and the final resting place for Sam Hill who built up a small community in the area almost 100 years ago.

Riverside Bowl & Pitcher: This is a great campground in the Spokane area. Lots of hiking trails and close to breweries and eateries as well.

There are a limited number of gold coins left [35?] and we are gunning for two of them. Our tentative plan is to finish by June. The only reason is 20 of them are in the eastern part of the state and we would rather wait for the mountain passes to be easier to travel. There will likely be four separate trips where we will get a small cluster of caches each time.

WA State Parks


But until then we will happily find the other 18 we need on this half of the state.


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