Hiking & Geocaching at Index

Over the weekend B and I wanted to knock out two more State Park Geocaches so headed up to Index. It was a drizzly day but not too bad with tree cover.


Our first stop was Wallace Falls State Park [technically in Gold Bar]. This cache had been disabled for some time and was finally re enabled a couple weeks ago. B was able to nab it as he had work in the area but came back with me so I could stamp my passport. The above sign is just after you enter the trail and the cache isn’t too far in. It was a quick find. We didn’t have a lot of time that day to stay but we will come back to hike up to the falls.

Then it was off to Forks of the Sky State Park which is basically focused around a granite wall that rock climbers favor. From the parking lot you have to cross railroad tracks to get to the trail head.

Mossy Boulders

There is a field of mossy boulders and a cache located in it. We did this one as quickly as we could. The area was super slippery. Then we set off for the state park cache.


Just after the trail head you see a closed up mine. The photo above is the cement enclosed entrance. I thought the little octopus drawn on was cute.

Trail of Rocks

The trail was pretty narrow and steep. There were a couple boulders in the path that were hard for me to get over but with the help of B I made it. We found the cache pretty quickly and headed back down the slippery steep trail. There was one more cache we wanted to find before leaving for the day.


We had to walk back down along the tracks in the opposite direction to a different trail head. While we were walking our second train of the day came by. We were pretty close.

Mossy Boulders Hike

The other trail was a bit wider and pretty steep in parts. We found the cache at what appears to be the end of the trail.

Raging River

We had a lot of rain this weekend and the river was raging. Coming close in some parts to flooding it’s banks. There were a few area in the towns we drove by that were flooded.

After a hair cut and a trip to REI for a rain poncho we settled in for Lego building as our evening activity. We didn’t get the Mini Cooper completely finished but had a good time as evidenced by the photo of B below.

Lego Building

B is doing Movember, this is week two.

Movember Week Two

Coming up this weekend more camping and hopefully we will knock off two more state park caches for a total of 50 and the opportunity to get a coin.




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