Halloween Costume

I have been thinking about a cool Halloween costume. With my redone blue hair I had thought a Steampunk funky witch would be cool. I didn’t have much time to get a costume put together and had been thinking I could spruce up some old Steampunk attire I have.

But then I came across this hat and I so want it!

Halloween Hat

The price in GBP is $191.03 which means its $293.17 in US dollars BEFORE FREIGHT. GAH!

I think it would make a GREAT witches hat. She has an ETSY store and a Facebook page. Go like her, I dare you!

So back to the drawing board. I was at the pub with B and had pinned something I thought would be fun. He was totally down.

A Christmas Story

Here is the sneak peak photo I placed on FB.

Sneak Peak

So, I ordered the “deranged easter bunny” suit for B right away. It arrived the same day [thank you Prime] and he tried it on. For less than $40 I expected what we got. I had to reinforce some seams and it’s was seriously lacking a tail but I fixed that. I also ordered these black rimmed glasses to complete the Ralphie look.

B in Bunny Suit

My costume was mostly items I had to purchase. I ordered my fishnets from Sock Dreams [love them!] and because they are not that far away [Portland] I got them rather quickly. I have shoes that will work. I scored on a knit turtleneck on sale plus 25% off at JC Penny and it’s something I will wear after my costume. I used a gored skirt pattern with boning in the waist to help with the shaping. The skirt is bigger than I so I held it up with suspenders.

Karen is Fragile

I stayed up until 2:15 Saturday morning finishing the skirt which is a bit too long but oh well. I found some red stickers which I put on some muslin and reinforced by stitching them on to the fabric. I made a small label with small red stickers that said “this end up” that I fastened to the neck of the sweater. Some of the stickers came off so I will have to fix that before our next party we attend this Saturday. I had this black beret so thought it would be fun to wear as well.

Jamberry Plaid

I had purchased some nail wraps through a friend and thought it would be fun to wear those as well. They went surprisingly well. The black is polish, the plaid Jamberry.

Silly Couple

The party we went to last Saturday was a friend of mine from grade school who happened to be married to a friend of B’s. Small world.


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