September Camping: Moxee

Been a while since I posted. Have been busy at work and home.

B and I decided to take a Friday off so we had a little extra time on our way over to Ellensburg to knock some State Park Geocaches along I90 off our challenge list. We met up with a fellow Kombi and hit our first stop Olallie State Park. As we headed in to the park we saw a couple guys in security uniforms. We thought that slightly odd but headed down the road anyway. As we neared the parking area we saw “No Parking” signs posted everywhere. As we were pondering what to do, one of the security people and another guy were walking toward us. Turns out this was a filming location for the upcoming reboot of Twin Peaks and told us where to park so we could get out easily and also not block their trucks that were coming in for the day.

Mark and B

The cache was around 300 feet from where we parked so we headed out to find it. Our GPS was playing tricks on us and had us looking in a valley that was clearly NOT the territory level the cache said. We spent way more time that we should have on that area of the path. Off to the other side of the path I saw a Geotrail and decided to follow it. We quickly found the cache, logged it and stamped our passport so we could move on.

Next stop Lake Easton State Park, as you head east over Snoqualmie pass. This one was another quick one. We parked and only had to walk about a half mile along the edge of the lake to find the cache.

B and Me

Above B & I and below a shot of Lake Easton from the trail.

Lake Easton

We proceeded to our third state park cache location at Iron Horse – South Cle Elum which is a little different for a state park. This one is to mark the beginning of what used to be a train track and is now a jogging/bicycling trail. There is a caboose sitting on the track to view and the cache was cleverly hidden on it.


We had one more stop which was a Earth Cache I needed for my 400th cache milestone for another challenge I am doing. This was our last stop on our way to our camping destination. As we got off the road at Ellensburg B’s boss [also a friend of mine] messaged me and asked if we were anywhere close to Thorp. Turns out a copier there needed repair, even though B had the day off, if he went to repair it he would not have to take a vacation day AND got paid miles for his drive. Basically getting paid to Geocache. It was fortunate as we were able to stop at the Thorp fruit market and antique shop which I had always wanted to visit.

Slow Ass Bus

Our camping stop for the night was Big Pines campground. It’s not much to look at but right on the Yakima river which we intended to float the following day. Some of our group was already there such as the three Canadians. The bus pictured below is Johnnie’s who originally hails from Australia but now lives in Vancouver. He really loves Star Wars.

VWs and Star Wars

We set up camp and got dinner going. Later that evening we sat around the “campfire” of citronella candles [still a burn ban in affect]. The below photo was taken by our friend Mark who owns the green bus pictured above [with the slow ass bus sign].

VW Camping

The next morning B, Cole, Dug and his three dogs went for a hike and then we ate a yummy breakfast and loaded up for the float. We left some buses at the campground which is where we planned to get off the river and drove up to the drop off point where we would retrieve buses later. Rather than rent boats from Red’s down the river, we all bought our own to float in. The boat that Jane had purchased for her and he son Cole was clearly way too small. We put Jane in our boat but we all knew this was not going to work for a four hour float. Thankfully we put in above Big Red’s and were able to stop and rent a boat. That is where we met up with others and soon we were all floating down the river.

Sausage by Himself

Sausage ended up in his own boat and he was a super happy camper. This is also the boat where we houses our empty bottles and cans during the float.


We attempted to tie our boats together but that turned in to quite a mess. At least no one fell out.

Beverage Holder

B and I purchased life jackets ahead of time and we specifically bought these ones with pockets. Perfect for holding an ice cold adult beverage and allowing to paddle if need be.

After our float we headed to Moxee for the annual Volksfest VW car show. Typically we caravan from the river and make a large circle with all our buses. This is my opportunity to chill. B get’s to wander around and check out the swap and cars and I get to read, knit and nap.

23 Window

A member of the club passed away a few months ago and his widow brought her husbands 23 window can to the show. It was finished right before his wake and it’s hard to tell in this photo but it’s more of a Salmon red color. Stu was really in to fish and there is an homage to him in the bus.

Stu Fish

Before we headed out of town to hit a couple more state park caches, we stopped at Bale Breaker brewing for an adult beverage and some pork BBQ nachos. We hung with the dogs on the patio and chatted with some VW loving folk.

Next stop was Yakima Sportsman state park for a walk along a nature trail to the cache. We had tried to get to Brooks Memorial state park on our Oregon trip but it was not in the cards. We decided to hit this one as it was the last in that area of the state that we needed. On our way in to the park we had to wait for a turkey to cross the road. This cache was a short hike up a trail and we quickly spotted it and stamped our passports. We headed home after that and as we got closer to the pass it started to rain. We got home pretty late but ended up with more state park caches under our belt and a lot of memories.


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