Geocaching: Awesome Geocache Hides – Tweet

Sixth in my series of awesome Geocache hides.

Tweet: difficulty 1, terrain 1.5, Medium. Hidden 5/14/13. We found 8/30/15. Favorites: 29

Official description of the cache: None

Hints: Tweet tweet
This cache is part of the Washington State Parks Challenge. We started at the trail head and hiked along a fairly easy path through the woods towards the Skagit river. Due to the storm the night before there were some downed tree limbs but nothing that really hindered us from our goal.
The cache was easy to find and we didn’t need the hint. We soon discovered on the back of a sign this cute little bird house. It even had the GC code written right on the front. The hole is taped so birds don’t actually use it.
Bird 1
It was quickly easy to determine how to open the front and retrieve the log and the stamp. We signed the log, looked for any trackables and quickly closed up the birdhouse before some muggles traveling down the path could see us.
Bird 2
I really enjoyed this cache as it was well constructed and clever to open and held a lot of swag if you are in to that. No trackables were found that day but B did leave one.

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