Geocaching: Awesome Geocache Hides – Thirsty Work

Seventh in my series of awesome Geocache hides.

Thirsty Work: difficulty 3, terrain 1.5, Size: ?. Hidden 8/24/15. We found 8/28/15. Favorites: 2

Official description of the cache: Photo of a glass with water in it.

Hints: Bring water
Hmmm I see a theme here…..
This cache is a type we had heard about but had not done. This particular cache was hidden by a friend and quite often his only description is just a photo. He likes to be sneaky like that.
B drove by the cache site Friday morning and scoped it out [it had already been found] but waited so we could do it together that night. The trick with these types of caches is to fill the exterior container with water to float the interior cache container to the top.
But this one was a little more tricky than that. Conveniently B had scoped it out enough to come prepared with tape as there were holes drilled in to the exterior tube container. We started taping up the holes and poured some water in. Water started gushing out of the bottom [of course] and from several spots towards the back.
We proceeded with more tape. Glad we were prepared with lots of water! Eventually we had all holes taped and success with a little yellow plastic container. We quickly signed the log and started removing tape as we heard a car park behind us. We were surprised that we were the second to find on this cache.
Thirsty Work
Lots of fun!
Off to go camping this Labor day weekend in Oregon. We plan on finding the original cache so we can complete Shelrik’s Center of the Triad Challenge. You have to find the Ape cache, Geocaching HQ and The Original Stash. Have a wonderful weekend!

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