Camping: Arlington

This past weekend was the annual all clubs camp out at a friends property in Arlington. The turn out was pretty small due to the weather but we had a blast anyway.

Friday was a pretty crazy work day for both B and I. We decided to decompress with a B-Bomb at the pub near the house and chatted with some friends. Then we hit a really cool Geocache which will be another post. We ended up hitting the road at about nine o’clock after stopping at a favorite burger place in town, Dick’s for sustenance. Thankfully where we were headed was not too far, about an hour north. We arrived around 10 and set up camp. I was tired and went to bed shortly after we got there.

It rained pretty hard during the night and Saturday morning we awoke to a pretty wet camp area. We quickly had coffee brewing and breakfast made potluck style.

The day turned stormy so we decided to move the easy ups to a more protected area of the property and lash them together and to the ground so we would have cover. This is where I met Libby who brought her guitar. Below is B playing.

B on Guitar

Libby has been fond of VW buses most of her life. She hails from Minnesota and wanted to go to college on the west coast. When she was a junior in high school she visited Walla Walla to check out a college and saw a green VW van parked in town.

Fast forward six years later. After graduating college and working in town she still saw that same VW bus parked in the same place near her house. She decided to leave a note on it with her email address asking if it was for sale. Three days later she received an email from “the bus” She emailed back and forth with Bella [what her and her house mates ended up naming her] and agreed to meet the owner to check it out.

The owner was an older gentleman who had bought the bus as a project for him and his son. They proceeded to remove the engine and then his son stopped being interested. He was bummed and left the van parked in front of his house.  Since Libby loved the bus so much he thought she would be a wonderful steward and gave Bella to her.

Libby has since started the VW Story Project. The goal: “capture the spirit of VW buses through the words and photos of the people who keep them alive.” She started with a road trip that will eventually bring her back to her home town in Minnesota. We were super glad she made it to our camp out and loved the story of how she got her bus.


Libby sitting on Bella

Part of the reason for the weekend was go kart racing. Three people ended up bringing kart’s constructed in various ways. The below kart was really meant for kids. The adults tried it out anyway and made it work.

B in Kids Kart

We had a quad to tow people up the hill after their run.

Towing the Kart

The winner hands down for me was Carol’s kart. She used official go kart wheels and constructed this beast Saturday morning – the day of the race. In fact, due to the weather she almost didn’t make it out.

Some cool features; she used a lazy Susan for her steering mechanism and a cut down lawn chair for the seat. Bonus was the VW emblem on the front. One drawback was its lack of brakes and B can attest – it’s REALLY fast! Style points were rewarded!

VW Go Kart

While all of this go karting craziness was going on I was knitting a hat and Brigette was crocheting a cover for her spare tire. Below is a photo of it almost finished on her bus. The lovely daisy stencil she painted herself.


The property we were at was a friend of the club, Shelby and it was his birthday. He owns a body shop and works on VW’s. Below the “candy box”, his VW double cab and his Ferrari.

Candy Box

Party Saturday night with live music. Most of Shelby’s friends were in the house due to the weather. We were all out under the easy ups enjoying the music around our “camp fire” of three citronella candles and some sort of glow in the dark wand.


We created a new game. All of us were sitting in a circle and had to come up with a new use for a bendable butane lighter. The kid you use to start a fire in a fire pit or on a camp stove. We kept going around the circle and ended up having close to 100. Some favorites; fishing rod, flute, oar, sax, bong, sonic screwdriver, Harry Potter’s wand, unicorn horn, nose hair trimmer, faucet & arrow for a bow.

The night wound down and soon we were all off to bed. The next morning, we took photos of all the buses lined up in the morning including a bus tent that Carol slept in and the double cab.

Busses Line Up

Love these two colors next to each other. Looks like autumn!


Cole on the Bus

We were supposed to have a bonfire Saturday night but due to the weather it just didn’t happen. Sunday morning we completed that goal and said goodbye to a bunch of garbage from the weekend. Wow it was a hot one!


We heard there was a cabin in the woods so B and I took a walk to find it. It wasn’t very far. Shelby has carved out miles of trails in the woods behind his property.


We said our goodbyes and Dug, B and I headed off for some Geogaching. A few of the roads were not passable due to downed power lines and trees.

Tree Across the Road

Some we just had to maneuver around.

Go Around

The goal for the day was to find three more caches on the State Parks Challenge GeoTour. Soon we were at our first stop, Belfair which was a quick cache and grab. Then on to Rasar which was a nicer longer walk and a clever cache that I will post about later.

Camp Sign

We stopped off to use the facilities and saw this tree stump with labels all over it. To give you an idea of what the labels on the tree state. Moving from the center top and moving clockwise around the outer edge and then to the label under the first one in the middle of the stump.

  1. The tree fell in a wind storm in 2005. It was estimated to be 328 years old at that time.
  2. 1805 Lewis and Clark expedition Washington.
  3. 1853 Washington territory is established.
  4. 1883 Skagit county was formed separate from Whatcom county.
  5. 1924 First Olympic winter games.
  6. 1980 Mount Saint Helens erupted.
  7. 1956 Ross damn built on the Sakgit river.
  8. 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
  9. 1898 Sedo-Wooley is officially incorporated.
  10. 1913 Washington’s First state park Larrabee.
  11. 1692 Salem witch trials Massachusets.

Old Tree Stump

Our third, Rockport was muggled we suspect. We were at ground zero and it was no where to be found. We suspected that might be the case as the last few notes were DNF and needs maintenance but thought we would give it a shot since we were out there. This park no longer offers camping as the forest is old growth and many of the trees are falling. We did see some tree climbers though.

Tree ClimbersBirds View Brewing located between Rockport and Rasar state parks on highway 20 was closed due to no power from the wind storm so we headed to Skagit River Brewing in Mount Vernon. We shared a lovely pitcher of a scotch ale. I had pizza, B had a burger and Dug had oysters. Tired and ready for the day to be over we loaded in the van and headed for home.

When we arrived we saw something we had feared.

Jetta under Tree

Jetta from Behind

Jetta Front


A twenty foot tall pine tree in our yard lost its battle and fell during the wind storm. It twisted just a bit and the trunk landed next to my car. It missed the front by three inches but a few branches did a do a bit of damage to the passenger side. The side mirror is broken and currently held on with tape. There are two dents and some scratches in the paint.

Below is a shot this morning. Just to the right of the BMW and van is where my car was parked. B trimmed all the branches off last night, moved and washed my car and taped up the mirror.


It could have been worse, our house is fine, our animals are fine, we are fine. It’s really minimal damage. Another three inches and my car would have been totaled.

Next weekend – camping in Oregon!


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