Geocaching – Awesome Cache Hides: Link

Fifth in my series of awesome Geocache hides.

Link: difficulty 3, terrain 1.5, small. Hidden 8/5/15. We found 8/16/15. Favorites: 3

Official description of the cache:

This cache is in an extremely high Muggle area and it Would be easier to go look for it at night, but the cache is available 24/7. Please proceed with caution. Keep in mind you may take a minute to retrieve the cache so please be careful. I put the rating on this one a little higher, not because of difficulty of finding it, but because of all the Muggles in the area makes it hard to get to. Some Trackable’s may be hooked up to the cache, you’ll get it when you see it.
It’s not on the ground or in the plants. Pull up and keep going

This is one that B saw published about a week ago and is really close to our house. On the way home from the Ape Cache event we decided to stop and get it. The high muggle factor makes this one the difficulty level that it is. There are benches near the area and we both sat down and waited for the muggle level to diminish.

As B was making his move to go grab it a car pulled up right in front of it. B returned to the bench and we proceeded to wait it out. We realized the gal waiting in the car was way more interested in reading her phone than anything else around her so B once again approached the cache and stood between it and her car.

He started pulling…. and pulling…. and pulling for what seemed like minutes but was really only probably twenty to thirty seconds. Now the hint “Pull up and keep going” made more sense. B walked back over to the bench and sat down. The girl was still looking at her phone and had never looked up even once.


What we had was a long chain attached to the top of a pole cap. On the chain were little tags that said “keep going” on one side and “” on the other side. There was a small bison hooked to the bottom of the chain with the log in it.

B signed the log for us and replaced it which actually took longer than pulling it out. The gal was still in her car and still on her phone. Not a care in the world.

The reason this one is getting some accolades from me is I thought it was super clever being in such a high muggle area and the little tags saying keep going were cute. I love that you can attach other things [like trackables] to it as well.


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