Geocaching Block Party 2015: Ballard at Night

Friday night a friend joined B and I for a lab cache tour of Ballard, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle. On our way down we did stop to obtain a few lab caches for the Seattle Quirky tour.

We started at one of our new favorite brew pubs we found the night before, Outlander where I had the Holy Basil and B & Thomas had the Jalapeno Ale. We continued to Peddler brewing to catch up on the Hawks game and partake in a Pumpkin Belgian we had sampled the night before.

This is where we left our car, at the edge of Ballard where it buts up to Freemont and worked our way north and west. We had actually found two of the labs the previous evening so we only needed 14 to finish.

This, as in most of the labs, were set up as a treasure hunt consisting of reading plaques or finding items to get your code word to finish that lab. In this series there were three that required a UV light and there was one actual cache that required a TOT [tool of the trade] which was a magnet on a stick to retrieve a container in the roots of a tree.

We met a few cachers along our route, a couple from Australia and we ran in to a group we had met the previous evening. Not a lot of photos taken at night but a lot of local Ballard history I never knew. With only 2 caches to go we stopped at Ballard Brewing co for a lovely Barley wine and to rest our weary feet.

With the last of the caching behind us and our bellies grumbling we stopped in to Ballard Pizza Company for some much needed sustenance.


Our tummies full we walked the mile or so back to our car and headed home. More to come for the Big Main Event and Ape Cache.

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