Geocaching Block Party 2015: Brewery Tour

So if you are in to Geocaching just a little bit then you know there is an annual event at the Center of the Known Universe called the Block Party.

Last night was the kickoff at Freemont Brewing [one of B and my faves]. We recently became acquainted with Teresa [seen in the selfie below with B and I] she is a newbie to Geocaching and loves a good beer so she tagged along with us last night. Appropriately B is wearing his “Don’t Panic and Carry a Towel” T-Shirt.

Center of the Universe

As part of the brewery tour we received little plastic 2 oz. taster mugs with the Geocaching logo on it. After a lovely beer, signing the log and finding out the code to check in to this brewery [in involved math and blue bikes] for the event we moved on To Outlander Brewing. There B & Teresa tasted the Jalapeno Ale and I tasted the Honey Basil Ale [OMG!!!] and we all had a pint of the Biggus Dikkus Barley Wine. The check in code for this one had to do with the animal on a label affixed to the front door. The brewery is in an old house and the decor is really eclectic. Totally loved the atmosphere and we will be back!

Our third stop on the tour was Hale’s which we have been to before. They had just closed although they did give us a 2 oz sample and I forget what that was. We “followed the yellow brick road” around the corner for our clue to check us in to this brewery.


A few blocks away is Bad Jimmy’s brewing where Teresa and I had a really good Habanero Amber and B had the Cocoa Vanilla Porter. The vibe at Jimmy’s was really laid back and they have a large screen they show movies on Tuesday nights. We had to find out what the next movie being shown was in order to check in and get that cache [all of them being lab cache’s]. It was not posted anywhere but the bartender saw me wandering around with my smart phone in front of me and assumed I needed the answer. Below a photo of the bathroom wall. Love the graffiti and candles! This is also where we met a lovely scifi novelist from Scotland.

Chalk Board Wall

Our fifth stop was Peddler Brewing where we had to find a sticker on the bike rack out front for our check in code. Apparently they also show movies one night a week. The art below is made of pennies.

Bike Penny

They were closing down so we were unable to stay long but we did sample the Pumpkin Spice Belgian which was extremely good and makes me yearn for Autumn. Below a photo of the sink handles – yes those are bike handles. Totally clever!

Sink Bike Handles

Last stop was Hilliard’s which was also closed but we only needed to read a poster in the window to get the check in code. There were a bunch of Geocachers working on another lab cache called Ballard At Night. We stuck around and got the clue for one of the 16 check ins. On the way back to the car we walked by another. B and I will continue that one tonight and will try to get the last 14. It’s basically a walk around Ballard.


We are also hoping to do the Quirky Seattle and Georgetown tours and the Ape cache tour on Sunday. My 300th cache was found last night as well. More updates soon. Cache on!

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