Geocaching – Awesome Cache Hides: Spin

Fourth in my series of awesome Geocache hides.

Spin: difficulty 3, terrain 2, micro. Hidden 10/13/10. We found 7/26/15. Favorites: 23

Official description of the cache:

You can see the creek on one side of you, and the traffic on the other. It is on the safe-side of the Guard Rail. BYOP – micro is too small. FYI: I like wood. Pull off here and park. Enjoy the creek it. It can vary in water height. Stay OFF the road! This is not going to endanger your life, as long as you stay on the pedestrian side.
6 or 7. Not magnetic. Things are movable. In a Blue Bison Micro Tube

While camping at Hamersly Inlet in July B and I were still on our 100 day streak and ventured out Saturday with our caching friend Dug. One of the caches was along a pretty heavily used road.

We have found several caches in guardrails. The first one we found we were relatively new  to caching and searched a long time for it. That particular cache was on Pi day so if you found a multi cache you got a souvenir. Once we saw the hint 6 or 7 we immediately went to the 6th post along the guardrail at the coordinates. The further hints of FYI I like wood and Things are movable made it pretty quick to distinguish where we should be focusing our energies.

A Post

It must be noted that the block between the post and the guardrail was not turned when we stopped there. I’m just showing for reference. B turned the block pretty easily.

Even then you had to have a keen eye to find the cache. You can kind of see it in the photo below, a hole was drilled in to the block for a bison to be inserted in to it. The only thing hanging out is the pull for the bison tube.

A Turned Post

I tugged on it and just as described a blue Bison tube came out.

A Turned Post with Bison

We quickly signed the log, replaced it and went on our way.

As always a side note: I am calling the hides by different names other than the ones they have officially been called on the Geocaching website to protect the caches. Note two: GZ refers to Ground Zero, CO refers to Cache Owner, TB refers to trackable, DNF refers to Did Not Find & Smiley refers to successful find.


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