July Wrap Up

Second post today! Stay tuned tomorrow for August goals.

So July has come and gone. I am also one year older.

Net Worth

Still negative but sooo close! Hope to be positive next month.


  • 401[k] personal: $210.38
  • 401[k] employer match: $105.19

Total: $315.57


  • Savings: $400


  • Personal loan 2: $200 payoff April 2020
  • Car payment: $150 paid off [woohoo happy dance!]
  • Key Bank: $43.50 payoff August 2015

Total: $393.50

The Great Outdoors/Travel

  • Camping in Maple Valley and at Hammersly Inlet
  • Geocaches: Continued caching every day and exceeded our goal of 100 on the 28th [my birthday] with 102 consecutive days total. Found 44 [one we DNF’d in June which we later found AND received a souvenir for getting a difficulty 5], 2 virtual, 2 earth [received a souvenir] 2 puzzle, I placed a trackable I found in Florida on vacation and we completed 9 state park caches.
  • Archery: Did not start this, there never seemed to be a good place/time. On hold for now.

Hand Crafts

  • Hexipuffs: 0 [too hot to knit]
  • I did make the screen for sunroof in van which you can see photos of in my camping post from Independence weekend in Maple Valley.


  • Did not get my post up – too busy.


  • Woodland: This will be tabled until next spring.
  • Composte pile: Not completed this month.
  • Chicken yard weeds: B started using round up on the weeds


Did not complete anything here. We were outside A LOT this month.

Better Health

  • Complete 2 hikes: Done
  • Start working out again 2 days a week: Nope
  • Start the I Quite Sugar program: Tabled

Here’s to this month!

* For the purposes of Geocaching, the notations above are [smileys] logged as found [dnf] did not find [v] virtual [r] retrieved, [d] discovered [v] trackables visited] & [mng] meet n greet.

**I found out this past month that if I have a trackable I will never get rid of I can have it visit all of my caches which will show a map of where I have been. I have a trackable dog tag on my dog and use that one as my personal map of visits.


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