July Camping: Hammersley Inlet

Gah! A little behind. Need to catch up on the end of July.

July’s camping trip was not at a state park but at a club members home. The reward for hard work the previous weekend putting on a vintage Volkswagen car show.

“Hammersley Inlet connects the Oakland Bay and Shelton to the greater Puget Sound. It is approximately 8 nautical miles (15 km) of winding, potentially rapidly flowing water. It ends as it meets the Oakland Bay, in the historic city of Shelton, (Christmas Town USA) and is also known for its abundant shellfish production of clams and oysters.”

hammersly inlet

Photo above is from the previous year but our view from our van. Friday night we arrived around 9 PM. It was still light out – a first for us. The weather was looking mighty overcast so we immediately started a fire in the fire pit to ward off the liquid sunshine. We got sprinkled on a bit but it was no torrential downpour [that happened over night]. A beer and some chatting and we were ready for bed.

We woke the next morning to a slightly overcast day. B and I were determined to get at least one cache that day and our friend Dug was along for the ride. On our way in to town we found a really clever cache near the road [post to come later] and then found a TB hotel at the Mason County Historical Society Museum.

A lot of historical information about the area and lots of wonderful items to view like this hand done dress below. The costumer in me swooned.


After picking up some supplies we headed back to our camp area and were ready for potluck dinner complete with roasted lamb. I made a quinoa salad. It was oh so good!

We were prepared with a craft project – making fire starters. B and I have been saving dryer lint and egg cartons since January. Someone brought sawdust, another brought wicks and we provided candle wax. We have plenty to last us quite some time.

Fire Starters

Quickly day turned to night we played some card games and then sat around the camp fire with a nice malty beverage.

The next morning we set out with our friend Dug to Belfair, Jerrell Cove and Twanoh state parks to grab caches for our State Park challenge. We found 2 of 3. The one at Twanoh was a muggle heavy area on a Sunny Sunday. We had some attention from a gang of kids so we will have to return to nab this cache.

On our way to dinner we crossed Galloping Gertie.

Galloping Gertie

After the bridge in to the Tacoma area we stopped at a favorite place to eat, Engine House No. 9.

Engine House No 9

Where we saw this sign “Beware of Seasonal Falling Chestnuts”!

Patio Nuts

They had some yummy beer offerings and we were in the mood for pizza.


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