Camping Accouterments in the “Real World”


Many years ago when I was married and camped in a tent I wrote this post of fiction about glamping. Since that time I have done most of my camping with the BF and my dog in his VW Vannagen, Marty.

We are by no means glampers but do love anything that will make camping a bit easier and over the past year and a half we have been camping together with the VW club and have acquired some wonderful accouterments.

The first item I cannot live without is the Luggable Loo. Yes it’s basically a large plastic bucket with a toilet seat lid on it. By placing a Doodie Bag inside and sealing it with the lid using the facilities [especially in the middle of the night] is really so much easier. One caveat – I only use this for liquid waste.


B and I enjoy many outdoor activities while camping and one of them is Geocaching. A headlamp is a wonderful hands free tool for rooting around in the dirt [or making dinner/fixing a cocktail in the dark]. You can never have too many!


memory foam mattress topper. We have a Z bed in the bus. The back rest of the back bench seat moves forward and lays flat to form a queen size bed. A little extra padding really helps get a good nights sleep.

memory foam

Mosquito netting for the sunroof. This is something I crafted myself from rip-stop fabric and mosquito netting. There are magnets sewn in to the rip-stop frame so it stays in place over the sunroof on hot days and nights.

mosquito netting

Considering making something like this for the van door.


For grilling, there is nothing better than making your very own hot pockets with the Toas Tite sandwich grill or a yummy gooey sandwich with the Panini Press. All you need is bread, fillings and an appetite. One of our favorite ways to make a Toas Tite is Nutella and strawberries. The possibilities are endless!

toas tite

We are pretty on the go people but when it’s time to lounge with a good book a hammock is a great way to do it. I would eventually like a nice canvas striped one but the one I have now made from parachute nylon works great and folds up very small in to its own pocket. It was only $20 [free shipping if you have prime]!

B in the Hammock

Climbing in and out all the time brings lots of dirt. We have a little whisk broom that lives in the van so we can tidy up.


We have a roll up camp table that has come in handy many times. It’s great for playing games at or for food cooking/prep. B has had it for years and they are more expensive than they used to be but really a great table!

roll up camp table

The wet and the rain do not deter us. We bought a couple of rubber backed bath mats to use for sitting on at the picnic table.

bath matWe have a couple things that are fun but not a necessity. First off are our camp flamingos. B’s mom bought them for us and they mark our camp site on most trips. A great conversation starter too!


Prayer flags are a fun addition to our camp site.

prayer flags

The bed in the van would not be complete without the Volkswagen Passenger and Driver pillow cases.


The dog also comes with some nifty stuff. When we take him in the boat he has his own life vest.

beej in life jacket

When I need Beej to stay put I have a hook that I put his leash handle on. I can hang it from the easy up or in the van.

s hook

I also have a caribner I can hook his leash to his camp chair. Easy when I need to cook and he needs to stay put. He’s not likely to drag a camp chair behind him.

caribinerI just bought this Kool Tie this week. I get migraines occasionally and this will come in handy. You soak it and the crystals at the back help reduce the blood vessels in your neck. I will report back when/if I need to use it.

kool tie

There are a few things we are looking at getting in the future. For example, we mostly stay in state parks where there are shower facilities. In the future we may do some trips where there are no facilities and a camp shower may be in order.

camp shower

I’m always on the lookout for a great comfy camp chair and this round one I may end up getting.

camp chair

My current camp chair does not have a built in cup holder. Something that clips on would be great. This is versatile for a chair or game table to keep the playing surface as free as possible.

cup holder

I feel like we can be more minimalist with our dinner ware. Right now we use dishes B had and some of my nice flatware from when we combined houses. I would prefer a few of these three in one sporks. I used to have some but do not know where they ended up.


I have been searching for the perfect dishes and I think these are great because there is a lip on the plate. I don’t need the mug so hope I can get them without.


Right now our knifes are placed in a plastic tub and its not super safe. I would like to get a few of these sheathed knifes. I have borrowed a fellow campers before and it works great.


We have made rice and pasta and quinoa camping and this collapsible camp pot with built in strainer would be awesome!


Something that slips on the end of twigs are these fire forks for cooking bratwurst or marshmallows over an open flame.

Fire Fork

What are your go to must haves to make camping easier?


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