Geocaching: Awesome Cache Hides – Lending Library

Third in my series of awesome Geocache hides.

Lending Library: difficulty 3.5, terrain 1.5, large. Hidden 6/28/15. We found 7/1/15. Favorites: 2 [B & I]

Official description of the cache:

“…also known as “dead letter box”, is a special location that is used to get information (or objects) from one spy to another spy, without the need for the spies to meet….. But anywhere where you can easily hide and retrieve messages, without drawing attention to yourself, will work.”

Here you will find a special deal. We have placed a geocache here AND a Little Free Library. You as a geocacher, are deemed a fellow steward of this library. It would be great if you could peek inside and let us know if all is well. Thank you.

Little Library

We were out and about caching when this new one popped up. Ironically the owner of the cache was a person we had met the previous night looking for another cache. I love to read and the little free library is a great idea not only for discovering new books but the Geocaching aspect as well.

We were the fourth to find on this one. When we arrived at GZ there were a few people standing in front of the cache. After a little conversation I discovered they had already found the cache so B and I went about looking. He found it in less than a minute.

Little Library Back

There was a little lever at the bottom that held a piece in place that pulled down which allowed the back to slide down revealing the Geocache portion of this little library.

This one is special and close to my heart as it is also a little free library. I have actually been thinking about setting a little library up and it would be quite awesome to include a Geocache in a hidden compartment. That will get B’s little grey cells working!


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